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With the cold weather the GSPCA are appealing for help towards electric heat pads for the animals in our care.


We have a variety of species from cats to hedgehogs all in need of items to keep them warm in this cold snap.  Although we have enough to manage at present we are appealing for donations so that we can purchase additional heaters in case we have more sick, injured or abandoned animals brought in this winter and what will no doubt be a busy time when the fledgling season starts.


Many of the ill animals like Razy the razorbill come in sick and cold and are placed in hospital cages.  As they get better they then need to be housed in a cage to stabilise them ready for release but still need some additional heat.


Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘The hospital cages are fantastic and have already saved many of Guernsey’s animals and birds lives, but we now need more heat pads.’ ‘Many of those we have are needing replacing and we are appealing for anyone who can help with these much needed items.’  ‘We are always grateful for any support and are hoping to purchase at least another 12 if not more.’


The electric heat pads cost the Shelter £30 each but are ideal for both the animals safety and hygiene.  If you would like to donate towards these much needed items to help animals like Razy then please email [email protected], call 01481 257261, pop in to the Shelter or donate online


Thank you for your support.


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