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In the last year the GSPCA has had more rabbits come in stray, unwanted and for rehoming than any of the staff can remember.

From Saturday the GSPCA will have a rabbit display at the front of the Shelter to educate about the needs of rabbits and the fact that a hutch is not enough.

Last month saw a dramatic change in the way rabbits are kept at the Animal Shelter and these large runs are currently both on display and for sale at the GSPCA for only £185.

The GSPCA currently has a selection of rabbits that need a home and these can be seen on our website please just -

Rabbits needing homes

To find out a lot more details on the Rabbit Awareness Week please -

Rabbit Awareness Week

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'During certain times of the year we see dramatic increases in rabbits and we want to educate on the care of rabbits.'  'They not only need more than a hutch but they have a variety of veterinary needs including vaccinating due to the fact that the wild population does carry myxomatosis.'  'It is also important that you neuter rabbits as we see dozens of unwanted baby bunnies every year.'

If you are interested in adopting a rabbit, buying a large run or have any questions on rabbit care please call the GSPCA on 01481 257261

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GSPCA membership form

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Monthly sponsor scheme for dogs cats rabbits hedgehogs and other Animals in Guernsey

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To help donate to our Cattery & Quarantine Appeal please download a form by


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