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Whenever we receive positive feedback about a staff member or volunteer, and also when the team nominate someone at the GSPCA we award them with a certificate of appreciation and here are those for this Winter 2014/15 quarter -

GSPCA Staff -

Ian Power—’Kip has done an amazing job refurbishing reception and it looks great’

Kevin Beausire—’Kevin has helped reception look great and he is always willing to help’

Helen Holmes—’Helen does so much for the Shelter and did a great job at the OSA shop’

Tony Gallie—’Tony always works hard and does a great job on dogs’

Sarah Creasey—’We had a really nice visit to the GSPCA with our group and Sarah was lovely’

Terry Buckley—’It is always a pleasure to speak to Terry on reception’ 

Geoff George—’Geoff really cares and even when he has to help recently bereaved owners he does so in a very caring way’

Sarah Ozanne—’Sarah always seems happy to help anywhere and anyone, thank you to her’

Yvonne Chauvel—’Well done to Yvonne for becoming a finalist in the Ceva Animal Welfare Awards’

Helen Sharman—’Thank you to Helen for my lovely cat’

Anna Paint—’Thank you to Anna for finding me a cat’

GSPCA Volunteers -

Duncan Cumming— ‘Thank you to Duncan who does a great job helping each Monday’

Bridget Henley—’Bridget is always happy to help out and a thank you from everyone’

Matt Hill-Smith & Jenny Bradshaw—’Both are always happy to help and are a fantastic part of the team’

Dave Brook—’Dave is a star’

Natalie Randall—’Nat does so much for the Shelter’

Paul & Anna Duchemin—’Anna & Paul are great’

Corinne Connolly—’Corinne is always fund raising for the Shelter and is a star’

Jackie Le Marchant—’Jackie is a fantastic volunteer and much appreciated by all at the GSPCA’

Sue Digard—’Sue is always happy to help’

John Knight—’Well done to our President John for becoming a finalist in the Ceva Animal Welfare Awards’

Joe Streeting—’Joe is a great help’

The GSPCA has 21 paid staff and a team of over 400 volunteers that help through the year, and without the dedicated team we couldn’t achieve so much.

Although it is rare for paid positions to become available we regularly recruit volunteers and hold induction evenings every 4 to 6 weeks.

To volunteer on site you have to be over 14 years of age, but with a parent or guardian if under 14 you can help at events and fund raisers.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We are extremely lucky and very proud to have such a dedicated team of volunteers and staff at the GSPCA.”

“Every year at the GSPCA we build on the team of established volunteers and also look to provide placements and experiences for a wide range of individuals and groups.”

“Every member of the GSPCA team is an animal hero, but this is a way that we can give the team some recognition from their piers and our supporters who think highly of them.”

“Our next volunteer induction evening is 6.30pm on Wednesday 25th March at the Shelter and all are welcome.”

“It’s not always easy working at the GSPCA as we see very upsetting sights, but it is extremely rewarding knowing that you are part of a team that makes a difference every single day helping animals and the local community.”

“We are currently fund raising to improve the facilities at the GSPCA to replace many of our older buildings and we are appealing for donations and anyone that would like to join our Build Partner programme.”

“The new facilities will help make access easier to certain areas which will open up potential new volunteer opportunities which we are very excited about.”

“A huge thank you to all of the continued hard work that our dedicated GSPCA staff and volunteers carry out 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it is really appreciated.”

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GSPCA staff and volunteers 2015 in Guernsey


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