Only 10 days to go could you get a team for the Giant Animal Mascot It's a Knock Out Race for the GSPCA & Help a Guernsey Child?

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With only 10 days to go are you signed up? Share

Could you get a team for the Giant Animal Mascot It's a Knock Out Race for the GSPCA and Help a Guernsey Child

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Once again we will be holding a Giant Animal Mascot Race during our Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday on the 14th September, but this year there are a few twists.


Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday Giant Animal Mascot 2013 Results

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We must thank everyone that helped, took part and supported the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday.

The day was a fantastic success with lots of family fun and enjoyment.

One of the main spectacles was the Animal Mascot Race which took place on Sunday at 1pm and this year the race included -

  • Spacehoppers
  • Sack Racing
  • Spinning Plates
  • Hula Hooping and then having to repeat on the way back

If you missed it here are the results for 2013 -

Celebrity and Charity Race

Heat 1

1st Daniel the Donkey from Island FM


With only 2 days to go ask your boss, land lord, manager, teacher, friend, team, group to get involved this Sunday

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With only 2 days to go we still have a few animal suits to fill. For only £100 you can help animals in Guernsey in a really fun way. With over 40 people dressing up so far we still need you to join in. The race starts at 1pm and is less than 300 yards along the Seafront and is all a bit of fun but you can win Aurigny flight tickets if you are lucky, check out the full list here -


Will You, Your Business, Pub or Group Man & Sponsor One of the Animal Mascots this Sunday

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Below is a list of the Mascots that still need businesses, pubs, groups or you to help man and sponsor -

Toscar the Turtle

Ploppy the Pig

Mighty the Mouse

Fink the Bat

Shane the Shark

George the Gorilla

Garf the Cat

Bulli the Bull

Jawz the Shark

Douit the Dog

William the Wolf

Bouet the Beaver

Leo the Lion

Lennox the Lion

Braye the Bear

Chemin the Chicken

Poppy the Pig

Porky the Pig

Doby the Donkey

Dominic the Donkey

Denzil the Donkey


GSPCA Shark Warning Appeal in Guernsey

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This weekend the GSPCA are appealing for help with Sharks around the Guernsey shores.

We are asking everyone to leave their beach towels at home this Sunday and not to enter the Guernsey waters.  Instead we are asking you support the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday in St Peter Port between 10am and 4pm.

We still have a number of mascot suits to fill including sharks and loads of other animals.

Get your work place, your pub, your local restaurant, club, group or even just sign yourself up and get involved with this short run to help animals in Guernsey.