Thanks to those that supported and helped with the GSPCA's stall at It's A Knockout in Saumerez Park

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The Guernsey Cheshire Home & The Guernsey MS Society once again teamed up to host the 2013 Guernsey It's A Knockout on Saturday 20th July 2013 in Saumarez Park.

GSPCA Volunteers Jo Fox, Darren Monday and GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne with dogs Toby and Katie attended the fantastic event to help raise funds for the Animal Shelter.


Sandy the kittens near death experience and rescue

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On Saturday the GSPCA received a very concerning call about a kitten that had been seen running off the harbour wall.

Annabelle Janes Animal Care Assistant and Animal Collection Officer was dispatched to the scene in the GSPCA Ambulance on Saturday to the Harbour wall next to the Herm Kiosk.

When Annabelle arrived at the scene the tide was low and the kitten which had apparently run straight out and over the wall had been seen crawling under a near by yacht.


Giant Animals at the Family Carboot Sale at Specsavers Car Park 2-4pm Sunday 21st July with Insurance Corporation

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Please don't forget this Sunday the 21st July between 2 and 4pm staff from the Insurance Corporation are running a Family Carboot Sale at Specsavers Car Park to raise funds for the GSPCA and the many animals at the Shelter.

The day will run with an animal theme and there will be plenty to do and see.

Sellers are asked to arrive from 1pm and it is £5 per car.

On the day there will be mini donuts, cakes, animal balloons, face painting and a fancy dress competition (that's humans dressed as animals).


On the hottest day of the year so far please think of your pets - Advice from the GSPCA

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It is the hottest day so far and we have more to come and the GSPCA are calling everyone to be mindful of your pets.

Many of us love to enjoy the sunny warm weather but we are urging pet owners to be mindful of their animals.

Don't leave your dog alone in a car.


Did you know today is World Penguin Awareness Day - do you remember these Guernsey penguins?

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Did you know today the 25th April is World Penguin Awareness Day?

Although we do not have any penguins living in Guernsey on September the 15th the GSPCA will be organising the second Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday where you will see giant penguins and many other animals racing along the sea front.

Although many details are not yet confirmed we are taking forms to reserve your pitch and interest in the Giant Animal Mascot Race.


Blizzard conditions highlight concerns for tethered Guernsey cattle

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Last week the GSPCA was inundated with calls of tethered cattle that were left out in the blizzard conditions.

Despite the awful weather, Shelter staff drove to many of the animals to check their condition and we reported our concerns to the owners.

With tethering of cattle being a legal practice within Guernsey the Shelter was unable to take any action other than passing our concerns to the owners of the animals.