No dogs at the GSPCA for the first time since WW2 but still 100’s of animals in our care

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The current lock down has caused huge challenges at the GSPCA and the team have taken a proactive approach to face the wide range of issues.

At the Animal Shelter we have 42 kennels and as of yesterday the only dog for rehoming inline with the strict social distancing guidelines was rehomed through our online adoption process.

This means we are in unprecedented times as we have no dogs at the GSPCA in kennels or foster homes.


GSPCA ADVICE - Only a week left to enjoy many beaches with your dogs in Guernsey & restrictions for horse riders

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We have been blessed with incredible weather during April and with the Coronavirus social distancing restrictions and many off work, Guernsey beaches have never seen so many dogs on them each day.

We have been in touch with the States of Guernsey and confirm that the ban comes into force as usual from the 1st May until the 30th September. The restrictions mean that dogs are not allowed on the following beaches between these dates –


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM THE GSPCA - Hot Cars Kill Dogs & with social distancing queues you could be some time

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With a stunning day again in Guernsey and hot weather the GSPCA has had a number of reports from concerned members of the public that have seen dogs locked in cars during and we want to remind all pet owners of the real dangers to their pets.

The GSPCA team have already been out to a number of vehicles with reports of dogs locked inside with little or no ventilation.

With the warm weather and direct sunlight, dogs in cars are potentially in a situation where you could kill your pet if it is left, regardless of the situation.


Animal charities & experts join forces to offer advice to help owners care for animals, dog walkers & animal businesses

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Just over a week ago a coalition concerned about conflicting and poor information which is leaving owners confused and anxious and animals potentially at risk released some helpful advice for pet owners.


GSPCA Adoption and Rehoming all moved online and over the phone - PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE SHELTER AT THIS TIME

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Due to Coronavirus the GSPCA is only operating essential services.  All of our rehoming is now online, telephone and through the post as we are avoiding visitors to the Shelter at all costs in line with advice from the States of Guernsey.

With animals still arriving and being rescued, unwanted, stray and abandoned the GSPCA have to look at ways we can help rehome animals in our care.


A very happy Rummie with his new sister Bundi both adopted from the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we help 100’s of dogs and their owners every year from strays to microchipping, welfare calls to those locked in hot cars.  We are asked to help rehome 40 to 50 dogs each year which come in for a variety of reasons, many through no fault but due to changes in circumstances.

Last year we rehomed the now named Rummie to a lovely new family. The new owners of Rummie a Jack Russell Terrier had adopted another JRT called Bundi and we have recently received this update from the lovely new owners –


From 1st October Dog & Horse Restrictions Lifted on Beaches in Guernsey for the next 6 months

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We are very lucky that most of Guernsey's beaches are dog friendly during the summer months.  However from last week on the 1st October the beaches where dogs are banned between 1st May and 30th September have the restrictions lifted and these are –

  • Fermain
  • Petit Bot
  • L'Erée
  • Vazon (Northern end)
  • Cobo
  • Port Soif
  • L'Ancresse
  • Pembroke

Dogs are not permitted on Lihou Island and Lihou causeway all year round.


Choosing the right puppy and welfare advice from the GSPCA

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If you're thinking of getting a puppy, it's important to do your homework first. GSPCA Welfare & Behaviour Manager Lorna Prince shares this guidance which was put together in association with other animal welfare groups, Defra and the British Veterinary Association to help prospective owners choose the right puppy for them:

1. Carry out your research first. Different dogs have different needs and temperaments depending on, for example, their age, breed, health status, gender, and past experiences. A vet will also be able to give you information and advice on this.


#BringYourDogtoWorkDay Friday 21st June

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All around Guernsey each year businesses and offices have had their 4 legged friends come to work and this ear Bring Your Dog To Work Day takes places on Friday 21st June.

Having a dog in the room can make human colleagues more cooperative, reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and productivity.

When adopting a dog or any animal from the GSPCA we often ask how many hours potential owners may be at work.  Perhaps the question should actually be - are you able to take your dog to work?


Classes and times for the Fun Dog Show at the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday 26th May 2019

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Registration will be on the Crown Pier Arena from 11.30am with a 12.30pm start

Here are this years classes and all dogs are welcome, although we do ask that your dogs are fully vaccinated to be able to attend as there will be many dogs along the seafront.