Fireworks Frighten Animals

Submitted by GSPCA on 20:07, 1st Nov, 2012 | 0

Help us to continue to keep them safe!

Thankfully the incidents of animals being injured by fireworks & bonfires in Guernsey are few and far between; but we mustn’t get too complacent. Below are some basic guidelines that will enable you to help all of our furry and feathered friends to stay calm and safe on and around Bonfire night.


GSPCA Working to Help Educate Pet Traders and Pet Owners

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The GSPCA is currently planning to approach various Pet Shops throughout the Island to see if working together could better the welfare of the animals sold in Pet Shops and help with general concerns from the public.  The welfare of animals within Pet Shops has always been a concern at the GSPCA and so the opportunity to work along side a responsible Pet Shops is a fantastic opportunity.


Opening Times over the Diamond Jubilee Weekend

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Although the reception and shop area will be closed during the times below there are lots of events that you can attend that are raising funds for the GSPCA over the Diamond Jubilee Weekend.

Fund raising Race Night - organised by Sidney's owner Corinne Connolly - 1st June at Venture Inn from 7.30pm

Race night


Firework advice from the GSPCA

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Fireworks are exciting and pretty to look at and it is fun to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with a bang, but for our animal friends this can be a nightmare. Many animals domestic and wild suffer needlessly every year due to fireworks.

The GSPCA would like to encourage everyone where possible to attend organised events as this time of year there are many of our wild animals and birds rearing young and we want to reduce their stress as much as possible.