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Normally found much further North it is unusual to see a Lesser Black Back Gull in Guernsey during the Winter.

On the 1st February a 1 year old female Lesser Black Back Gull was rescued near Route des Capelles unable to fly.

Once at the GSPCA she was cared for initially inside and then put in one of the rehabilitation flights.

The young bird was named 'Orchard' and a close eye kept on her during the first 24 hours to monitor the condition of her wings.

After 10 days of care and after being checked over and fitted with a Black identification ring she was fighting fit and released earlier today.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said "It is rare for us at the GSPCA to rescue Lesser Black Back Gulls, we see far more Herring Gulls than any other species due to their feeding habits."

"We work closely with Paul Veron who rings many of the gulls in Guernsey and it is amazing to find out where they go and have been."

"Lesser Black Back Gulls should be much further North at this time of year and we don't know why Orchard as we have named her is this far South, but she is now fit and back in the wild so she will hopefully make her way to where she should be at this time of year."

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "It is always a joy when we rescue, rehabilitate and release a wild animal or bird back to the wild."

"It was a surprise to discover that Orchard was a lesser Black Back Gull and we hope that now fit she can make her way North to her Winter feeding grounds."

"If you would like to sponsor an animal pen to help birds like Orchard then you can do so by joining our Angel Pen Pal Sponsorship Scheme."

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A little about Lesser Black Back Gulls - 

The Lesser Black Back Gull is slightly smaller than a herring gull and has a dark grey to black back and wings, yellow bill and yellow legs.

Their are found entirely in Europe and after declines in the 19th century due to persecution they increased their range and numbers.

Their expansion has now halted and there is serious concern about declines in many parts of its range.

Found around the UK's coastline in summer and on some inland high moors. The biggest UK colony is on Walney Island, Cumbria, with a staggering one third of the UK population. More than half the UK population is found at fewer than ten sites. They are increasingly common in urban habitats, even in inland locations such as the West Midlands. In winter it is mainly found from southern Scotland southwards, and is best looked for feeding over fields and at rubbish tips, congregating at large reservoir roosts each evening.

They are on the Amber List because the UK is home to 40% of the European population and more than half of these are found at fewer than ten sites.  Their numbers are estimated in the UK as 110,000 pairs in the Summer and 130,000 birds in the Winter.

To find out about the work that Paul Veron does with Guernsey Gulls please click here.

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