Another 4 dead gulls found in Guernsey

Submitted by GSPCA on 11:32, 14th Sep, 2011 | 0

Another 4 dead gulls have been found in the last 24 hours.  We are still closely monitoring the situation and awaiting the test results. 

If anyone does find any more birds alive or not we would please urge you to get in touch.

Not knowing what has caused this could be putting you or your pets at risk.  If you do handle or come into contact with any of these birds please ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly.


Count now up to 18 Gulls - with the bad weather please, please watch for any more ill birds

Submitted by GSPCA on 10:53, 13th Sep, 2011 | 0

The number of gulls that have been brought in both dead and alive is now up to 18 in total since the weekend. With with the coming bad weather we are urging everyone to keep a look out for any sick or injured birds.  If you do find any please call 01481 257261.

We are trying to find out what may have caused this illness and have been in touch with others both in Guernsey and the surronding islands to ensure all are informed and monitoring the situation.


Appeal For Vigilance Due to Large Numbers of Gulls

Submitted by GSPCA on 11:33, 12th Sep, 2011 | 0

Over the last 24 hours we have received an unbelievable 16 gulls all displaying signs of extreme illness and unfortunately 4 we have not been able to save.  The birds have been barely able to stand and are extremely weak.

We have been making enquiries to find out if there could be any reason why such a large number of birds have been found in such a short space of time.