Stray Snake found and rescued at First Tower Lane this morning

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This morning the GSPCA had a call about a stray Snake in the St Peter Port area.

Animal Collection Officer Geoff George before he started his shift had a call to help with a rescue of a Snake.

Geoff made his way to First Tower Lane where he found the Albino Corn Snake.

He quickly secured it and it is now back at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews, Guernsey.

Geoff George said 'The Albino Corn Snake I rescued this morning seems very well and is fine to handle.'


Call Sarah today on 257261 if you can help with the GSPCA Flag Day tomorrow

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Tomorrow which is Saturday the 24th August the GSPCA will be collecting around Guernsey for our annual Flag Day.

We have filled many of the locations but this is our last appeal for volunteers to help with the collecting. 

Sarah Ozanne Organisor of this years Flag Day said 'We've had more volunteers come forward this week and I now have the collection packs all ready which include buckets, sashes, newsletters and stickers.'

'We'd love a few more volunteers for Herm Kiosk but we have other locations still with a few spaces.'


Summer advice for your pets on another warm day

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With another sunny and warm day the GSPCA want to ensure all pet owners take care of their animals.

Many of us love to enjoy the sunny warm weather but we are urging pet owners to be mindful of their animals.

Don't leave your dog alone in a car.


At the North Show pop by our or the Bumblebee Boat Cruise Stall tomorrow to help support the work of the GSPCA

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We are looking forward to seeing many of you that are popping along to the North Show over the next two days.

We are delighted to announce that the Bumblebee Boat Cruise team will once again be fund raising for the GSPCA at the North Show.

If you would like to help out on our stall or help dress up in a Giant Animal Mascot outfit to help us fund raise then please pop along and say hi on the day or call 01481 257261.


Volunteers needed to help fill the gaps for the GSPCA Flag Day round Guernsey this Saturday. Please can you help?

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This Saturday the 24th August the GSPCA will be collecting around Guernsey for our annual Flag Day.

We have filled many of the locations but we are still appealing for volunteers to help with the collecting. 

Sarah Ozanne Organisor of this years Flag Day said 'Thank you to all of the volunteers that have put their names to help so far but we really need another dozen volunteers to help fill the gaps.'

'Herm Kiosk we are trying to get a good turn out especially volunteers that don't mind dressing as Giant Animal Mascots.'


Second GSPCA Volunteer Evening bigger than the first

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Last Wednesday we had our second Volunteer Induction Evening which was even more popular than the first.

With 24 in attendance and 18 wanting to sign up as volunteers the GSPCA welcomed the group into the family.

From those wanting to help muck out to those wanting to fund raise they arrived and were welcomed at the Shelter before having a presentation and talk about the work we carry out as well as an Induction to enable them to work safely at the Shelter and during our events.


Thanks to Roy Cochrane and all that supported the talk at Les Coutils on Saturday

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On Saturday Roy Cochrane held a talk and slide show at Les Coutils about Guernsey Changes.

Over 40 tickets were sold and all enjoyed a cream tea as well as a raffle.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant popped down from the GSPCA said 'What a lovely afternoon.'

'Roy did a great talk and we are extremely grateful to him for donating the proceeds from the day to the GSPCA.'


Thanks to those that supported and helped with the GSPCA's stall at It's A Knockout in Saumerez Park

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The Guernsey Cheshire Home & The Guernsey MS Society once again teamed up to host the 2013 Guernsey It's A Knockout on Saturday 20th July 2013 in Saumarez Park.

GSPCA Volunteers Jo Fox, Darren Monday and GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne with dogs Toby and Katie attended the fantastic event to help raise funds for the Animal Shelter.


Sandy the kittens near death experience and rescue

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On Saturday the GSPCA received a very concerning call about a kitten that had been seen running off the harbour wall.

Annabelle Janes Animal Care Assistant and Animal Collection Officer was dispatched to the scene in the GSPCA Ambulance on Saturday to the Harbour wall next to the Herm Kiosk.

When Annabelle arrived at the scene the tide was low and the kitten which had apparently run straight out and over the wall had been seen crawling under a near by yacht.