Marty is the second very poorly Jersey seal pup to arrive at the GSPCA in a month

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Today has been a very busy day as a second poorly seal pup from Jersey has arrived at the GSPCA.

Marty as he has been named was rescued by the Jersey British Divers Marine Life Rescue yesterday on Green Island beach.

He spent the night at New Era Vets and was transported kindly by Blue Islands from Jersey to Guernsey.

He is only 18kgs and appears much older than Andrew that arrived last month form Jersey.  Despite being 6 to 8 weeks of age he has a number of ailments from a chest infection to his emaciated condition.


Update on Andrew the Jersey seal pup at the GSPCA

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Last week Andrew the Jersey Grey Seal Pup was rescued and transported to the GSPCA.

At only 17kgs and less than a week old this very pretty young seal pup should have still been with his mum and not in the emaciated condition as he was found.

Andrew has a very bad chest infection and desperately underweight and has been receiving care around the clock day and night.


White Coat Jersey Grey Seal Pup arrives at the GSPCA and Appeal for blankets and towels

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This lunch time the youngest grey seal pup to arrive at the GSPCA in many years arrived from Jersey.

Andrew as the pup has been named still has his white fluffy coat which is lost at 14 days of age, making him around 7-12 days old and at only 17kg he is painfully thin.

New marine mammal medic Martine Venton-Heys who helped with the rescue in Jersey yesterday accompanied Andrew who is being shown around the GSPCA while she waits for her flight back to Jersey thanks to Blue Island who helped provide the transport needed.


GSPCA welcome and host JSPCA team members

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On Friday 20th July the GSPCA team welcomed three of the team from Guernsey’s larger sister island Jersey from their animal welfare charity.

JSPCA staff Lucinda, Babs and Kari were greeted at Guernsey airport in the early hours by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who spent the day talking to the visitors and showing them the work, projects and plans for the future for the GSPCA.

The staff from Jersey got to meet members of the GSPCA team from volunteers to staff, work experience to trustees and had a through behind the scenes tour.


Channel Island seal pups still under intensive care at the GSPCA - see here to donate to their care

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For nearly two weeks Trevor and Temperance the Channel Island seal pups have been at the GSPCA.

Both pups are still in intensive care and receiving around the clock treatment and feeds.

Trevor at only 11.5kg from Jersey and Temperance the Guernsey seal pup rescued from Beaucette Marina at only 11kg are in an adjoining enclosure and both are currently cared for at the intensive care seal unit in the GSPCA wildlife building.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Both pups continue on rehydration fluid feed and are under heat lamps and intensive care at the GSPCA.”


Jersey and Guernsey seal pups cared for together for the first time - please donate to their care

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Today a grey seal pup rescued in Jersey on Sunday at just 11.5kg has just arrived at the GSPCA in Guernsey.

Trevor as the 2 week old pup has been named has joined Temperance of a similar age at the GSPCA seal unit in Guernsey.

Both pups are around a quarter the weight they should weigh and both very weak so are in intensive care at the GSPCA.

The Jersey pup was rescued by the local branch of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue and was discovered severely underweight at L’Etacq.


Momentous occasion as Sami the first ever Channel Island seal pup to be released in Jersey after being rehabilitated in Guernsey

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Fathers Day has been a very special time for one youngster at the GSPCA.

Sami the grey seal pup who was rescued in Jersey on a cold winters beach close to death at just over 13kgs by the Jersey British Divers Marine Life Rescue Medics has had a long road to recovery.

Less than a third of what she should have weighed at two weeks of age the grey seal pup was extremely lucky to survive.

After her initial first aid in Jersey Sami was flown to Guernsey where she was initially tube fed and treated every two hours day and night.


Channel Island seal pup Sami needs your support - GSPCA Purple Week celebrating 144 years helping animals

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For the last 8 weeks the GSPCA have been caring for Sami the grey seal pup who was rescued sick and extremely thin at the end of December in Jersey.

We are pleased to report that Sami is growing stronger each day and eating fish extremely well.

Sami is still a long way off being ready to be released back to the wild and we are appealing for your support to help feed Sami.

Geoff George GSPCA Animal Collection Officer and head carer of marine mammals said "We are so pleased how Sami is doing and especially how well Sami is eating."


Sami and Jonathan the seal pups continue to improve at the GSPCA - please vote for their carer Geoff

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We are pleased to report that both Sami and Jonathan the grey seal pups continue to improve at the GSPCA.

Both seal pups were rescued and transported to Guernsey by the wonderful volunteers in Jersey from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue with the very kind help from those at Blue Islands and both airport staff.


Jonathon the Jersey seal pup needing around the clock care - please donate to Sami and Jonathan at the GSPCA

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On Saturday the first seal pup of 2017 was rescued and brought to the GSPCA from Jersey.

Jonathon as the young animal has been called is needing 24/7 around the clock intensive care due to his thin and very ill health.

Full of worms and with a number of injuries the vets and team at the GSPCA are providing this very poorly seal with all he needs to help ensure he survives at this very delicate time.

Sami who was rescued just after Christmas in Jersey is improving daily although months away from being well enough to be released back into the wild.