Hook the kestrel heads back to the wild today

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Nearly two weeks ago a kestrel was rescued and brought into the GSPCA from the St Peters area in Guernsey.

The injured bird had a damaged eye and would have likely perished if she hadn't been found.

Hook as the kestrel has been called was initially in an intensive care unit with regular treatment prescribed from the vet and as Hook got stronger progressed into a hospital cage before being placed in one of the soft release aviaries here at the Shelter in St Andrews.


Muriel the kestrel released by Jo the GSPCA volunteer at L'Ancresse in Guernsey where she was found

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Today the GSPCA released Muriel the kestrel back to where she was found.

Muriel was rescued after being found in the middle of the road at L'Ancresse common unable to fly just over two weeks ago.

She was very thin and weak on entry and she spent the start of her stay in an intensive care unit.

She quickly gained weight and strength and for the last week has been in one of the Shelters soft release aviaries.


Happy New Year from the GSPCA but its certainly not a flying start for many Guernsey birds

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The GSPCA team and all the animals would like to wish one and all a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately the New Year and the bad weather over the last few days has certainly not helped many of our feathered friends.

New Years Day Ambulance Collection Officer spent much of the day rescuing injured birds around Guernsey.

These included a Gannet that is now named Balthazar. Balthazar was rescued by ACO Geoff George after being found exhausted and thin near Kings Mill.


Winnie the Kestrel released

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Winnie, a male Kestrel arrived at the GSPCA on 3rd October hungry and totally exhausted. He didn’t seem to have any physical injuries and so, after just over a weeks rest, warmth and good food, he was able to be returned to the wild.



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A wonderful happy ending for two very lucky birds - Olive and Barrus back in the wild

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We are pleased to announce that this weekend two wonderful birds were released back into the wild.

Olive a young kestrel who was rescued from Torrey Canyon covered in oil has finally got her new feathers through and back to full health after 12 weeks of rehabilitation at the GSPCA Animal Shelter so was able to be released back into the wild. 

Shelter staff Yvonne Chauvel and Eddie Higgins had the privilege to release her this weekend and were over joyed to do so.


Torrey Canyon affects another bird - Olive the young kestrel is on the road to recovery

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Yesterday morning we were brought in another bird affected by the Torrey Canyon.

There are a number of birds nesting around Chouet and yesterday morning a caring member of public found a young kestrel with oiled feathers.

Olive as she is now named is at the Shelter, seen the vet and made it through the night which is a good sign but she has a long road to recovery.


Ceri the Kestrel

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