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Today the GSPCA have had two calls to help injured birds of prey.

One a Peregrine Falcon in St Martins and the other a Kestrel at the Fairy Ring.

The Kestrel has been named Oberon and has an injured wing.

He was rescued earlier today by GSPCA team member Neil Hughes who attended in the GSPCA Ambulance.

Oberon has been checked over and is under treatment in our Wildlife Unit.

The Peregrine was called in this morning and GSPCA team member Kevin Beausire headed there in the GSPCA Ambulance with the caller informing us the bird was caught in netting.

We deal with many calls of animals trapped in netting from hedgehogs to a variety of birds and the stress it can cause and the animal trying to escape can cause major injuries and become can be a killer

On closer inspection his worries suddenly turned to something else.

As Kevin approached the bird he noticed that there weren’t feathers on the bird, in fact it wasn’t even a real bird, it was actually a plastic bird possibly one to help scare away pigeons or other birds.

Kevin Beausire GSPCA team member said “We have helped many birds of prey this year and it is always a worry when we are called out what will find.”

“With the bad weather and the time of year many animals are struggling.”

“When I arrived at St Martins this morning to rescue the bird of prey I had all the safety equipment and basket ready, but as I approached the bird it became quickly obvious there was nothing that could be done as it wasn’t even real.”

“It was in fact a plastic peregrine.”

“We’ve had many calls over the years to things that weren’t actually animals.”

“We never know what we will find when we go out on a call from birds being bags to seals being washed up blankets.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We have record numbers of wildlife through our doors this year with well in excess of 2000 which in previous years has been where we’ve topped.”

“As Kevin has mentioned not all the calls we get for animals or those brought into us can be helped as they actually are not even a living thing.”

“The most global story to ever occur was when a gentleman brought in what he though was a drowned dead cat found in a puddle.”

“He had wrapped it up, placed it into a nice box and brought it in and arrived at the Shelter upset and in tears.”

“I was on duty that evening and made him comfortable and asked him to leave his details while I checked for a microchip or identification.”

“When I opened the box and unwrapped the cat with the microchip scanner in hand I was surprised to find it wasn’t a dead cat or even an animal but was in fact a dog hand puppet cuddly toy with its nose missing covered in mud.”

“We released the details of the story and it went global from ITV Channel running a piece with the Specsavers advert to the major papers in the UK, America, Canada and even down under.”

“You can see the story with some of the other funny calls we have had by going to .”

“In fact to watch the VT from Channel ITV please do check out .”

“Saying this more seriously we were called out to help a Kestrel at the Fairy Ring today which is now in our care.”

Neil Hughes GSPCA team member said “I was called out to rescue an injured Kestrel earlier today which is now with the wildlife team at the Shelter and has been named Oberon.”

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“We really couldn’t do so much without your support and every penny really helps make a difference.”

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