On the 15th a month before the 15th we have 15 Giant Animal Mascot racers

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With only a month to go we have plenty of suits still available for the Giant Animal Mascot Race.

Last year we had nearly 40 racers and this yer we are hoping for more.

Whether your a business with a keen staff member or just chatting to your friends down the pub its a great race, raising funds to help animals in Guernsey.

For only a minimum £50 sponsorship we  supply the suit and you can race from the Ship and Crown to Town Church and back with all the funny props we have lined up from spinning plates to inflatable eggs and spoons.


Pop by and see the GSPCA stall and Giant Animals at the West Show

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If you are going down to the West Show today or tomorrow keep an eye open for the Giant Animal Mascots who are collecting for the GSPCA.

They are being manned by volunteers and also staff from KPMG who are helping the GSPCA at the Show and at the Shelter over the next few days.

The suits they are manning are those available for the GSPCA Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday Giant Animal Mascot Race which takes place on the 15th September.


Staff from KPMG spend a day volunteering at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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Today the GSPCA welcomed 16 volunteers from KPMG who helped in all areas around the Animal Shelter.

The volunteers started from 8.30am in the morning and after a short safety induction were quickly placed with staff around the Shelter to help with their duties and care for the many animals at the GSPCA.


You or Your Business Can Now Choose Your Animal Mascot to Race at the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday - 9th September

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Below are the outfits available so far and listed those that are currently sponsored.  For a minimum of £100 sponsorship you or your business could be involved in a very fun, funny, fantastic, fund raiser to help animals in Guernsey.  See below for more details as well as the suits ready now or pop in to the Shelter -

For an application form please