Has your conure flown away from home? Stray bird at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we see all sorts of strays and yesterday we were handed a stray conure that was found on Burnt Lane exhausted.

The team at the GSPCA have named the green, black and red bird 'Bert' who is recovering well from his or her ordeal.

He or she is possibly a red or maroon bellied conure and is an adult bird with no ring for identification.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said "The stray conure was exhausted when rescued and brought to us yesterday, but is recovering well and very chirpy now."


Has your tortoise run away from home?

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On Wednesday the team at the GSPCA were handed a shelled stray.

'Penny' as staff and volunteers have named the female, adult Herman's tortoise was found on Epinel Road in St. Sampsons.

Each year we see around 30 stray tortoise handed into the GSPCA and we find the owners for nearly every one.

Thankfully she is safe and warm at the GSPCA, but we are appealing for the owner to come forward.

If you think that this may be your lost tortoise then please call the GSPCA on 257261 or pop into the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.


Injured ginger and white cat found near the Jamaica Inn area now at the vets

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At 11pm last night the GSPCA were called out to rescue an injured cat near the Jamaica Inn.

The young adult, entire male ginger and white cat was collected and rushed to the vet having being involved with a road traffic incident.

Sadly no collar or microchip was found and he is now under intensive care at the vets.

We are appealing for an owner to come forward and if you have lost a cat in the Admiral Park area then please call us as soon as possible on 01481 257261.


Have you lost a very poorly ginger cat in St Peter Port?

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Yesterday the GSPCA rescued a very poorly ginger cat.

The stray ginger very thin entire male was found with no microchip or collar in St Peter Port.

We have now named the young adult male cat Elmo but due to his ill health he has been rushed to the vets where they are keeping in their care on a drip.

Elmo has been in the La Petite Fontaine area since Sunday the 17th August.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "I have just spoken to our vets and Elmo is not very well at all and will need to be kept in at the vets over the weekend on a drip."


GSPCA cat rescue Blue Peter style in Vauvert - Have you lost a female tabby semi long haired cat?

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Today the GSPCA were called to rescue a stray cat that was trapped behind a shed.

It is unclear how long the cat had been stuck, but she is now safe at the GSPCA.

Annie Janes Animal Care Assistant and Collection Officer attended the address in New Place, Vauvert earlier today after the call was received at the Animal Shelter.

The tabby semi long haired cat on arrival seemed in some distress and our collection officer was unable to reach the cat.


13 stray Tortoise so far in 2013 - Currently we have 2 still at the Shelter in search of their owners

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This year we have seen 13 stray tortoise and currently we have 2 at the Shelter.

All 11 that came in earlier in the year are back with their owners but Ridley as he's been named above by Shelter staff and Fabian below both came in last week.

Ridley was found in the Camp du Roi area and Fabian was found at L'Ancresse.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'This year we have seen more stray Tortoise than ever before.'

'If anyone has lost any pet we always urge them to report it at the Shelter as we see anywhere between 50 and sometimes over 100 stray animals every month.'


GSPCA New Lost and Found page

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The GSPCA deals with thousands of lost and found reports of animals every year.

To help those that have lost or found a pet the GSPCA now have a page dedicated to many of the contacts and advice you may need.

The page includes links to web sites, useful telephone numbers and advice on what to do.

To see this page and all the advice please go to - http://www.gspca.org.gg/services/lost-found-advice