Turtle power from Guernsey Aquarium, States Works, Guernsey Builders, Waitrose and Spa De La Mare - Big Day is coming

Submitted by Steve on 08:25, 4th Apr, 2016 | 0

Every day we see strength and weight gained on Olivia the loggerhead turtle who has in the last few days made strides with her movement in her pen.

Last week she was started on solid food, that is if you can call squid solid but it is the first whole food she has received.

Having arrived and put on fluids then moved on the a liquidised food it has been wonderful to see her consume whole food with a little help.

We have been busy with the finishing touches with her heated pool which has been an awesome team effort from local support.


Olivia the turtle is about to take her first food tomorrow and a huge thank you to Spa De La Mare

Submitted by Steve on 22:53, 18th Mar, 2016 | 0

This afternoon the team at the GSPCA took a rather different delivery.

Olivia who is improving each day needs to soon be placed in a pool or tank and today Mickey and Dean from Spa De La Mare arrived with a hot tub to do the job.

Likely the only Animal Shelter across the UK and Channel Islands to have a hot tub on site the 3m square pool is in a section of the new multi purpose animal welfare building.