Guernsey States Vet issues warning and advice about Ragwort to horse owners

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The GSPCA have been made aware of a number of concerns from the public regarding livestock that are on fields with or near a plant called ragwort which can cause them harm.

Recently David Chamberlain States Veterinary Officer has released some advice and we wanted to share this with you.

David Chamberlain States Veterinary Officer "Horses are grass grazing animals and preferentially eat grass."

"If little grass is available then they may start to eat other plants including noxious weeds such as ragwort."


Information for dog owners in Guernsey: Statement from the States Vet regarding the pond at L'Ancresse

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Below is a statement from the Guernsey States Vet David Chamberlin:


GSPCA, Guernsey Police & the States Vet meet to discuss New Animal Welfare Law & the changes it brings

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With the New Animal Welfare Ordinance (2012) coming into effect this week a meeting was held with those at the forefront of implementing and working with the new legislation.

Staff from Commerce and Employment including Mike Northmore and David Chamberlin the States Vet, staff from the GSPCA including the Manager Steve Byrne and Welfare and Education Officer Sarah Creasey and the Guernsey Police Training Officers PC Claire Milner and PC Adrian Walder met to discuss the changes and the implications to the animals of Guernsey and their owners.