Last Volunteer Induction of 2015 a lovely evening and well over 1000 helpers assisting the GSPCA in 2015

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Last night the GSPCA welcomed 15 new faces and 11 new volunteers within the group.

For a number of years we have been running volunteer induction evenings and sessions.  In 2014 over 200 volunteers were inducted and welcomed to the team, not including the many volunteers that helped through the year, at events, through Corporate Social Responsibility Days and Voluntourists.  This year a further 200+ joined us at the GSPCA with a further 200+  that spent a day or more through a corporate day and 25 Voluntourists from the cruise liners.


Thank you to the 13 new volunteers that attended last nights induction

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Last night at the GSPCA we held one of our regular induction evenings.

13 new volunteers attended and many with friends and parents to learn all about the GSPCA, how to work safely at the Shelter and to set a date to start volunteering.

Over the next few weeks the group of 13 volunteers are set to start in various roles and the first start this morning.

Many will also be helping at our Animal Castle Day at Castle Cornet this Sunday.

This morning we welcome Joanna Hallas, Chris Le Prevost and Paula Le Maitre starting at the Shelter.