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Today there were happy tears at the GSPCA as staff and volunteers waved off a very special cat to his new home.Blue the cat homed at the GSPCA

Blue a stray cat that came in with multiple medical problems and only weighing 1.6kg has been with the Shelter since last October and today he found his forever home.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'I may have cried but I love days like this.' 'Everyone has a soft spot for Blue and he has gone to an amazing home.'  'He has been through so much and we are all over the moon for him.'  'He was skin and bone on entry and has since tripled his body weight.  'He does need medicating every day for the rest of his life but is is a star and will be loved in his new home.'

New owner Roz John's who adopted him said 'I am so happy, he is such a nice cat and I am sure he will love meeting my other pets when I get him home.'

The staff at the Shelter were very sad to see him go but there are many more in our care that need new and loving homes.  We have Scarlet that has been at the Shelter the longest to Victor that needs a farm type home and if anyone is looking for a cat or any pet please visit

We all wish Blue the very best and send our love, good luck Blue x

To find out more about Blue's story and his medical problems please

Quiz night for the GSPCA at Pelicans

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Blue the cat homed at the GSPCA



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DIAMOND JUBILEE BBQ & BAND, Victorinana Bar & Restaurant, Atlantique, Perelle Bay,

Quiz Night at Pelicans Cafe, Kings Gym Saturday 16th June from 7pm

Summer Fayre and Dog Show – Saturday 7th July 2012 - for more details

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"Lisa, I am interested in boaidrng my Husky at your farm. I was wondering if we could come and visit and see where he would be staying and discuss dates and what you require to set up his stay? Thanks so much !Julie West"

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