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Every year we help in excess of 3000 animals through our doors not to mention countless more that every day we help by investigating cruelty and going out 24/7 to rescue and reunite with their owners or free back to the wild.

Of all domestic species we help more cats than any other with over 1000 cats that are stray, hit by vehicles, unwanted, cruelty cases or being brought in as their owners can no longer care for them.

We always have animals in need of homes from cats to birds, rabbits to dogs, rats to ferrets and when we have helped them find a new home it is always wonderful to see them living happily ever after.

Last year we helped a little kitten who is now named Teddy find his forever home and it was wonderful to find out how he was getting on recently.

New owners Matt and Nikki said "Finally we can get you some photos of Teddy"

"He has grown a lot since the time he was very poorly at the Shelter and he is doing well."

"We absolutely adore him and he is very well behaved."

"Many thanks for all the Shelter did for Teddy after he was born."

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said "It is lovely when we hear how cats and kittens are doing after we have cared for them and rehomed them."

"Teddy certainly looks a very happy kitten and we are so pleased to see him doing well and being loved very much by his new owners."

"Although we haven't any kittens looking for homes and operate a waiting list we have lots of older cats looking for their forever homes."

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "Thank you so much to Matt and Nikki for sending the lovely pictures of Teddy and the update we love to hear from animals in their new homes and see them happy."

"With over 300 animals at the GSPCA we have many in need of homes and many needing support and if you can't adopt an animal there are ways to sponsor those in our care by becoming an Angel Pen Pal sponsor."

"If anyone has adopted an animal from the GSPCA please do send us a picture and update as we love to see how they are doing."

"Another way to get involved is to support our anniversary and GSPCA Purple Week starting this Friday celebrating 144 years helping animals in Guernsey."

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The GSPCA are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the Guernsey Community Foundation Charity of the Year.

There are so many amazing organisations, groups and individuals and to recognise these there are a number of upcoming awards. Could you nominate the GSPCA, one of our team or another worthy individual or cause? Please visit the links below

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TURTLE APPEAL - Help fly Olivia the loggerhead turtle from Guernsey to Gran Canaria



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Bonnie The Seal from karldorfner on Vimeo.

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Looking for pet insurance in Guernsey? Check out the GSPCA pet insurance with Rossborough

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