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Today Temperance the grey seal pup was released back to the wild.

When he was found he was the thinnest ever seal pups to be rescued by the GSPCA found at Beaucette back in November.

Temperance has taken many months to build the strength and weight needed for release and today was his big day.

The team prepared Temperance this morning ready for his transportation to Albert Pier where we met the team from Rib Voyages and members of the press.

Boxing Temperance was not an easy thing to do and some of the team got quite wet in the process before weighing the very healthy seal pup who was so close to death many months ago.

GSPCA staff Steve Byrne, Geoff George and Sarah Langlois cared for Temperance throughout his journey to Jethou which went extremely smoothly on a very sunny morning.

When the team arrived at Jethou children from Herm School were there as well as the wonderful Jethou residents who were kind enough to let us use their bay to release the very lucky seal pup.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Temperance was extremely lucky as he was so weak, thin and unwell when he was rescued last November.”

“At only 11kgs he is the thinnest ever grey seal pup we have rescued in Guernsey.”

“It’s been a long road to get Temperance to a weight ready for release.”

“It is amazing that we are able to release seal pups on Jethou and it was magical to see Temperance swim back to where he belongs.”

“We must say a huge thank you to Dan from Rib Voyages for the transport and to all on Jethou, not forgetting all that have donated and supported his care over the months at the GSPCA.”

“It’s a rollercoaster of emotion caring for these magical animals and to see Temperance swim back to the waters where he belongs was truly amazing, heart warming and inspires us to strive to the very best we can.”

“It’s rare for a whole school to see a seal release but with just 8 children from Herm School we thought it would be fine and they popped over and all really enjoyed watching the release from a very safe distance.”

Geoff George GSPCA Ambulance Driver and Marine Mammal Carer at the GSPCA said “It is amazing to see Temperance now so healthy as when I rescued him at Beaucette last November he was so thin and weak.”

“At 52kgs he is an excellent release weight and it went so well apart from getting rather wet when we were boxing him up.”

“It was amazing seeing him swim back into the waters where he belongs.”

“We are very lucky to have the facilities to care for seals here in Guernsey and that so many people have donated and helped in his care.”

“It is why we do what we do and to see Temperance back to the wild is what the job is all about.

“It won’t be long and it will be seal pup season again and if you see a seal in distress please do not approach it but instead call us on 257261.”

Steve continued “Since 2012 we have rescued and released seal pups Jethou Bumblebee, Hanois, Bonnie, Eden and Trinity back in the wild on Jethou and last year we helped care for and release to the wild Sami the seal pup from Jersey.”

“We are currently looking at ways to improve our facilities for seal pups and if anyone is interested in supporting this project please do get in touch.”

“With over 2000 wild animals through the doors every year at the GSPCA we are kept very busy and you can support their care by donating or why not become an Angel Pen Pal Sponsor.”

“Thank you again to all involved and a special thanks to Geoff who cared for Temperance around the clock during his first weeks of intensive care.”

“Also a special thanks to the amazing individuals who donated so many fish to get Temperance to the weight he needed to be released to the wild.”

“Jethou is such an amazing place to release seal pups and a huge thanks to all involved throught this seal pups care and his release back to the wild.”

Sarah Langlois GSPCA staff member said “The weather was perfect and it was wonderful to see Temperance back to the wild.”

“It was also lovely that the children from Herm School came over to see the release and it went so well with crystal clears sea for him to swim in.”

“After Temperance swan off we had some lovely treats from the lovely people that live on herm and on the way back we saw some amazing dolphins showing off in front of the rib.”

Dan Meinke from Island Rib Voyages said “It was our pleasure to help the GSPCA team get Temperance over to Jethou and released to the wild.”

“We offer trips and often get to seals and on this trip we even saw dolphins on the way back.”

“Well done to all the GSPCA team for all they do for animals.”

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