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A couple of weeks before Christmas, a turkey hen which had been sighted wondering about on a few previous occasions, was finally captured by a GSPCA staff member.  She was placed in a large outdoor aviary at the shelter in order that she be safe, and be able to rest and recuperate.  She did not have a leg ring and therefore it was not possible to trace her owner, and no one came forward to claim her.  What with it being just before Christmas, there was no intention to re home her in case the new owner’s intentions were not altogether honourable! 

I volunteer at the shelter on a weekly basis and was very pleased to hear that she had been captured and was safe.  She was named Tinsel and spent a wonderful Christmas up at the shelter, where she made friends with all of the staff, was even known to ‘tell them off’ if they passed her aviary without them stopping to say hello and give her a fuss.  I had expressed an interest in her, as I already have 3 chickens and had often considered also acquiring a turkey hen as I think they’re such beautiful and inquisitive creatures.

The first time I went into her aviary to properly meet her, she was more that happy for me to pick her up and give her a stroke, and then rest on my lap.  She’d have stayed there given the chance.  So, I formally expressed my interest in her and in anticipation of them hopefully approving my request to re home her, did as much internet research as I could, and ordered a book on Turkey care.  Thankfully, from what I read it seemed that her requirements were really not that dissimilar to my chickens, so there was not much preparation to be done.


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