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At the GSPCA our current Commercial Dryer has sadly, after more than 20 years passed over to laundry heaven as parts are no longer available to maintain the old girl.

For over 2 decades this work horse has tirelessly tumbled for 365 days a year drying 1000’s of dog beds, blankets, towels and sheets to enable the animals in our care to have dry and clean bedding.

We have been shopping around and to replace the machine and fitting will cost £3,500 and the GSPCA are appealing for help.

Maybe your business or you could donate to this much needed and essential piece of equipment.

To donate to help replace and purchase a new Commercial Dryer please visit - and quote ‘Dryer’ with your donation, by calling 01481 257261, post or even pop to the Shelter in St Andrews.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “It has been very sad that after 2 decades our commercial dryer has sadly tumbled for it’s last time.”

“It is truly incredible to think of the hundreds of thousands of blankets, towels, clothes and beds that would have assed through the very old dryer and currently we having to run wet washing to a local laundry firm to help dry it which is not only time consuming it is also an expensive way to dry all that is needed to be washed on a daily basis.”

"This dryer would have been used for items used for the lion cubs we had so long ago to the Slovakian puppies and Olivia the turtle and more recent seal pups."

“We are appealing for help with a new Commercial Dryer and due to the large numbers that need to be dried daily we will need an industrial machine like that has worked for so long and this will cost including fitting a grand total of £3500.”

“It would be amazing if a business or person would like to sponsor this much needed and essential piece of equipment and if anyone can help please do call us on 257261 or email [email protected] .”

“Every penny donated to the GSPCA helps make a huge difference from keeping the animals clean, dry and warm to caring for the equipment that looks after them.”

“We have a wish list page and amazon wish list full of items we are in need of but it is a Commercial dryer at the top of the list currently.”

To see our Wish List on our website please visit -

If you would like to help at one of our upcoming events or book a table at our Ball please give Michelle a call on 257261 or email [email protected]

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