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Today the GSPCA have been battling with burst pipes as the cold weather continues with the extremely icy weather.

At present two outside pipes have suffered due to the elements and the team are braced for potential further problems.

The GSPCA have been at the current site for 89 years this year and some of the buildings and services date back to the 1940’s.

With one of the wildlife block pipes burst and now isolated and a pipe out to the rabbit runs in a similar state you can help us by donating to their repairs and other work that may be required after this extreme cold spell by visiting calling 257261, popping to the Shelter in St Andrews or by post GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, GY6 8UD (cheques can be made payable to ‘GSPCA’)

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager “Myself and the maintenance team made up of Kevin and a team of Social Security Work to Benefit placements with group leader Steve have been kept busy around site making it safe and repairing and responding to the extreme challenges these freezing weather conditions have brought.”

“We are well equipped with snow shovels to grit but with buildings and pipes that date back to the 1940’s at the GSPCA with the freezing temperatures some of our outside pipe work has suffered and currently isolated until the weather improves and it can be repaired.”

“We are trying to rebuild and redevelop many of the older buildings and to help with this work and the repairs we would appreciate any support or donations.”

"With the many animals in our care and those in need of rescuing due to the snow and ice our work doesn't stop."

“Our animals are all being well cared for and safe in the freezing weather but to find out our opening hours and tips to help your pets and wildlife please visit this link .”

To help us care for the animals at the GSPCA we often put out appeals for items we are in need of from hay to new commercial dryers.

Caring for 500+ animals means not only are there constant repairs to buildings and equipment but we always need equipment, feed, medications and so much more to run the Shelter, rescue animals and care for them.

Not only would we really appreciate any support with the much needed repairs due to the cold we are currently appealing for help towards a new emergency phone to help with our 24/7 service.

Our current handset has had so much regular use we are in need of new iphone ideally a 6 or above to help not only answer the emergency calls but also a second handset that connects to our wifi doorbell so the onsite staff member can answer the door from wherever they are on site.

These handsets aren’t just used for answering calls and the door but also are integral for taking photos of strays and posting notifications to our social media.

We are also appealing for two small counter top fridges to place medications and veg for our 16 guinea pigs and one for our cattery intake area for storing medications and to keep certain foods chilled.

The major repair project we are imminent to undertake is new flooring in 31 kennels and we are looking for sponsors to help carry out this work. 

Each kennel will cost approximately £1,450 each. With thousands of dogs through our kennels for many reasons each year we would love to find support to help with this essential work to ensure our kennels are in good working order for decades to come.

If you would like more information on how you or your business could help please call GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne on 257261 or email [email protected]

You can see a huge array of other items we are appealing for on our wish list pages -

Every donation you make or item you can help us with helps make a real difference for the animals in our care or those we need to rescue and help.

Beckie Smith GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “We really need a small counter fridge for our guinea pig unit as the one we have has stopped working meaning the veg and medication is currently being kept in another building meaning we have to walk back and forth.”

“It’s not just a fridge we need for the guinea pigs as we go through lots of veg, hay and guinea pig food so there are lots of ways you can help us care for them if you aren’t able to offer one a home.”

Suzy Rose GSPCA Volunteer Warden said “Our current emergency phone has been used so much we are now in need of a new one at the GSPCA.”

“The phone is used day and night so we really need a new handset.”

Seb Goman GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “We really need to put new flooring on our kennels as the type we have really needs replacing.”

“We have 31 kennels that need new flooring and it would be amazing if we could find caring people or businesses that will help with this much needed work.”

Steve Byrne continued “Operating 24/7 with over 500 animals in our care at the GSPCA we are always looking support and there are ways you can help us by donating much needed equipment, food or towards a project.”

“Our kennel flooring is the most needed work we need to achieve in the coming months and if anyone can help towards or even sponsor a kennel the cost is expected to be £1450 per kennel and will last for decades, therefore helping us care for countless dogs into the future.”

“We also really need two iphones to help ensure we provide our 24/7 service for our GSPCA emergency phone and the on duty doorbell.”

“Our recent appeal for towels resulting in our stores overflowing and we have had to put a pause on accepting them as we have run out of space.”

“The generosity of Guernsey is heart warming and we really hope we can find that caring soul to help with these much needed items and the kennel floors.”

“We recently had a wonderful #GSPCAPurpleWeek and enjoyed 145 years and it would be great if we could find some kind souls to help with these much needed items.”

“If anyone would like to help the GSPCA in anyway or has ideas to help please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you and we hope everyone and the animals are safe in this icy cold weather.”

For more information please call 01481 257261 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

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