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This year is the 40th year of the GSPCA 24 hour ambulance service.

The GSPCA was founded in 1873 and we have been located in St. Andrews since 1929.

Although since the early 1900's the GSPCA have had an animal ambulance service which has varied from pedacycle to horse drawn carriage, in 1974 the service officially became 24 hours 7 days a week.

1974 was the year the Committee decided to offer a 24 hour call out service to be manned by voluntary wardens.

One of the original wardens is John Bougourd who also went on to become the President of the GSPCA.

One of John’s funniest recollections as a warden was in the early 1980’s when he was telephoned by a taxi driver late one winters evening and told that there were 3 penguins walking down the road from the airport.

John went out and retrieved them from the car park of the Forest Hotel and took them around to the Guernsey Zoo, where he was informed that they had only arrived in the island earlier that day. It appeared that the penguins had probably walked across the airport runway in order to make their escape!

Between the team of staff and volunteers the GSPCA are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

From penguins to lion cubs, a green turtle to seal pups, monkeys to wild birds, hedgehogs to kittens, donkeys to fish, chickens to ferrets, rabbits to mice, goats to helping cattle, horses to hamsters, snakes to lizards there aren't many species GSPCA staff and volunteers haven't come across in the last 40 years.

In the last year GSPCA Ambulance staff and wardens have rescued two seal pups, a cat trapped in a bunker, a cormorant trapped behind a fence, a cat trapped possibly for days behind a shed, countless injured hedgehogs, nearly 100 of the 200 stray dogs come into the GSPCA via our ambulance and hundreds more.

The GSPCA have helped in excess of 3000 animals in 2014 with the GSPCA Ambulance being an essential cog in the wheel transporting animals back and forth to the vets, in the rescue operations and ensuring we can transport animals at anytime time night or day.

During the hours of 8am until 6pm the ambulance is run by the staff and from 6pm until 8am 7 nights a week volunteers man the phone and respond at all hours to everything from stray horses to an injured baby bird.

Some calls can be quite distressing for the team such as when GSPCA staff member Annie Janes with the help from the police had to remove a dog from an extremely hot car to those happy stories such as finding someones long lost pet and helping them being reunited.

Annie Janes GSPCA Animal Care Assistant and Ambulance Collection Officer said "Back in the Summer I had a call out to a dog locked in a hot car and if we and with help from the police hadn't attended then I wouldn't like to think what could of happened to the dog."

"Last year I was on the rescue team for Hanois the seal pup and each call we receive is unique."

Sarah Ozanne GSPCA Animal Care Assistant and Ambulance Collection Officer said "From helping in the search for Bertie the stray schnauzer to a cat stuck in a tree the GSPCA ambulance helps so many animals every day, it really is amazing."

Geoff George GSPCA Animal Collection Officer has over 15 years service in his role. Geoff said "Every day is different at the GSPCA and we never know what to expect."

"Each year at the GSPCA we help around 200 stray dogs, 300 RTA cats, around 2-300 stray cats, 100 rabbits, 50 ferrets and then all the other animals from stray goats and pigs to over 1500 wild animals and birds."

"One of the amazing species we help rescue and rehabilitate are seal pups."

"In the last two years we have rescued and rehabilitated 4 pups successfully and got them back to the wild."

"It is the time of year for seal pups and we have lots of advice on our website or you can call 257261."

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "We have a fantastic team of volunteers and staff that ensure Guernsey have a service around the clock for sick, injured and stray animals."

"Not only do we have an emergency service, but there are also staff at the GSPCA Animal Shelter 24 hours 7 days a week."

"We often get calls from our wardens at the Shelter for assistance or advice and the one that stands out for me was from our volunteer Dave Brook at 2am in the morning earlier this year."

"He was helping the police with 3 stray horses that had made their way from the top of the Rohais to Footes Lane and finished on Rectory Hill."

"The hardest thing was that in Guernsey there is no law to ensure that horses are microchipped, so it took until 5am to track down the owner."

"The GSPCA are extremely thankful to all of the volunteers both past and present that have helped us provide our 24 hour emergency service which in the last 40 years will have helped in the care and rescue of around 100,000 animals and birds, if not more."

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