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The GSPCA and RSPB Guernsey are delighted to report that The States of Guernsey have banned the sale of Metaldehyde.

Under the Poisonous Substances (Guernsey) Law, 1994, and Regulation 11(8) of the Control of Poisonous Substances (Guernsey) Regulations, 2014, as amended, the approval of the products containing the active ingredients Metaldehyde is hereby revoked. It will be prohibited from sale as of 30th June 2019 and prohibited from use the following year on the 30thJune 2020.

To see the withdrawal notice please visit -

Metaldehyde is an organic compound with the formula (CH3CHO)4. It is commonly used as a pesticide against slugs, snails, and other gastropods and is extremely dangerous to our wildlife as if consumed can be lethal.

It has been estimated that consumption of just 5g of slug pellets containing 50-60g Metaldehyde per kg pellets is potentially lethal to a hedgehog and is dangerous to many other species of domestic and wild animals.

It is not easy to diagnose if a hedgehog for example has consumed Metaldehyde as they often have multiple ailments but some of the symptoms include hyperaesthesia, particularly to sound, tachycardia, anxiety, hypersalivation, ataxia, dysmetria, tremors, occasionally bluish-coloured faeces or vomit may be seen and can and does lead to death.

With 106 sick and injured hedgehogs in our care currently and 472 through the doors last year these 4 legged spikey garden friends that naturally help with clearing garden pests such as slugs and snails are the real lucky ones with this ban.

Not only do our hedgehogs benefit but so do our pets and other wild animals, birds and even farm animals which are all at risk of poisoning from Metaldehyde if they consume this dangerous substance.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “It is fantastic news to hear that the States of Guernsey are banning the import of Metaldehyde by the end of June and the storage of it by the end of June next year.”

“Metaldehyde kills wildlife every year and is a danger to our pets, farm animals, wildlife and also our water table.”

“Metaldehyde is found in many forms of slug pellets and used in many gardens in Guernsey.”

“Metaldehyde presents a great risk to our hedgehogs as each pellet often contains other ingredients palatable to hedgehogs which they then ingest and can lead to a painful death.”

“The GSPCA are delighted to hear of the banning of Metaldehyde which will no doubt save wild animals lives every year and remove a risk to all animals that could come into contact with this poisonous substance.”

Julia Henney Biodiversity Education Officer said “There is some exciting news for our islands wildlife.”

“The States of Guernsey have just banned the sale of Metaldehyde.”

To see more please visit -

Julia continued “It will be prohibited from sale as of 30th June 2019 and prohibited from use the following year on the 30th June 2020.”

“The environmental damage caused by this chemical has a huge impact.”

“This is great news for our little hedgehogs amongst other wildlife.”

“There are many alternative slug control methods which are more wildlife friendly.”

Donna Francis RSPB Guernsey Group Leader “We are learning the overuse of chemicals is detrimental to the ecosystem we depend on for our survival.”

“We very much welcome the ban of these slug pellets and support the States proactive approach.”

“We understand some gardeners will be concerned at the removal of these pellets however there are other ways of dealing with garden pests such as creating a wildlife haven.”

“As well as munching their way through leaves and tender shoots slugs eat lots of decaying matter, so a compost heap is a great attraction to them.”

“They prefer wilting leaves to fresh shoots so leaving pulled weeds to one side is offering the slug an alternative to your prized plants.”

“Chances are if you provide great wildlife habitat, you’ll encourage hedgehogs, songbirds, slow worms, frogs and beetles and they’ll help keep the number of slugs and snails in check.”

“Even if you don’t want to create a wildlife haven whatever you do don’t use chemicals to kill slugs, you will be killing the wildlife that depends on them for their survival.”

“For a variety of methods on how to deter and reduce the number of slugs in your garden follow this link “


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