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Yesterday the GSPCA microchipped the first Hedgehogs in Guernsey.

Scatters then Bonnie were the first two Hedgehogs to be chipped at the Shelter and the first to be know to be chipped in the Channel Islands.

The GSPCA have been using paint and plastic tags to help with monitoring the hogs released from the Shelter but these as with many methods fall and run off.

The GSPCA deal with hundreds of Hedgehogs every year and with declining numbers in the UK the Animal Shelter want to know if a Hedgehog returns to the Shelter that we can accurately tell this is the case.

Both Scatters and Bonnie came in with from the Castel area.  Scatters was out in the day with is always a concern and Bonnie who originally had mange have both been nursed back to health and are ready for release which will happen later on today.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'Yesterday I microchipped Scatter and Bonnie the first Hedgehogs to be microchipped at the Shelter and we believe the first in the Channel Islands.'

'We plan to continue using the paint and tag methods so if the public spot a Hedgehog released by the Shelter they can report it but within a few months these come off.'

'This means Hedgehogs that we have in this year that we had last we cannot easily identify.'

'By microchipping them if they do return too our care a quick scan and we will know exactly who they are.'

'It is National Microchip Month and what better time to start this initiative.'

'We are also appealing for the public to sign up to be Hedgehog Champions with Hedgehog Street as there is a National Survey ongoing until the end of August and you can get lots of details on their website'

'For owners of cats and dogs wanting their pets microchipped we do it at the Shelter for only £4.99 and only takes a few minutes.'

Below are details of a previous blog on the Hedgehog Street survey -

It is believed that hedgehogs are on the decline and a UK hedgehog charity are asking for your help to find out if that is true.

Hedgehog Street are carrying out a hedgehog survey between the 1st February and 31st August.

They are looking for hedgehog champions to help them in their research.

They carried out a survey last year where over 45,000 hedgehogs were reported across the UK and they are repeating the survey this year and are appealing for your help.

Here at the GSPCA we see hundreds of sick and injured hedgehogs every year and surveys like these help with confirming that the efforts of rehabilitation centres like ourselves really do make a difference.

To see the conclusions of the 2012 report carried out by Hedgehog Street please click here.

This time of year we are all out and about tidying the garden and the GSPCA would like to remind everyone to take care of those hedgehogs that may be in the undergrowth.  please click here for advice and details.

Annabelle Janes Animal Care Assistant and one of the main carers of the hedgehogs at the Shelter said 'It would be great to get lots of hedgehog champions here in Guernsey.'

'Knowing how hedgehogs are doing in the wild is really important and helps us know that all are efforts are helping make a difference.'

'If you see any of our hedgehogs in the wild you can tell as they have purple paint and plastic numbered and coloured tags and we would love to hear from you if you do see them.'

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'The more data the Hedgehog Street can get then a better picture can be drawn on how hedgehogs are doing in the wild.'

'We have been in touch with them and they would love to hear how Guernsey hedgehogs are doing.'

'Something that can help and is a fantastic bit of kit is a wildlife camera which are quite reasonable from places like Amazon.'

'We would love to know that there are Hedgehog Champions all around the Bailiwick sending details through to Hedgehog Street.'

To become a Hedgehog Champion please click here for details.

Please remember if you need food or housing for hedgehogs we sell a variety of supplies here at the GSPCA.

To see wildlife cameras on Amazon please click here and to see the GSPCA Wish List on Amazon please click here.


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