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146 years ago when the GSPCA was first founded road traffic incidents were something that know one would have understood and comprehended but in the fast world we now live sadly here in Guernsey they are all too common place.

In fact just last night another fatality occurred of a young cat which the GSPCA rushed too but sadly it was too late and nothing could be done.

Over recent years the GSPCA have seen anywhere between 150 and 300 cats killed on the roads of Guernsey every year and sadly far many death is very swift often through no fault of the driver.

The GSPCA have been running a survey which you can take by going to

Of the 250 people that have taken part of the survey 95% believe that if you hit a cat with a car it should be compulsory to report the incident.

Recently the GSPCA helped Amelia Smitheram whose cat was sadly killed on Rectory Hill.

Amelia was heart broken due to the incident and has started a petition to change the law in Guernsey so if you hit a cat it is compulsory to report it. To support this petition please visit .

The petition in only a short time has already got over 800 signatories.

Amelia Smitheram  said “As some of you may know my beautiful cat Tom was hit and killed by a car between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.”

“The car did not stop. I have really struggled to come to terms with what happened so decided to do some research on statistics around cats being involved in RTA in Guernsey.”

“The GSPCA alone get called out to between 200 - 300 accidents annually.”

“This doesn't factor in the other cats that are never found. I have been told that the majority of people involved will not stop and it will be called in by kind members of the public or by people who have found the cat when it's too late.”

“I understand that cats are free spirits and cannot be kept inside and accidents do happen but if a change in the law could stop even a few families the pain of losing their friend then it will be something positive.”

“Please sign and share this petition to try and get the law changed in Guernsey to make it illegal to not stop and make sure people call the GSPCA, police or Animal Aid, thank you.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “One of the hardest things that we deal with at the GSPCA is helping animals hit by vehicles on the road as often we have the person that caused the accident or finder of the animal and then we have to break the devasting news to the owner if we can find them, which can be a challenge.”

“I was on duty on the night Amelia found out about Tom and just last night we had another devasted owner that I had to break the news of their cat being killed on road in St Sampson.”

 “Many of those that hit a cat in a vehicle do report it to us like the incident last night but sadly for Tom this wasn’t done and a passer was the one to stop and help.”

“We see 150 to 300 cats every year that we know of being hit by vehicles on the roads in Guernsey every year at the GSPCA.”

“Some we are able to get to the vets in time or by a helpful member of the public but sadly the law does not require those hitting cats in a vehicle to report it to ourselves or the authorities.”

“We have been running a survey to find out he publics feelings on making it compulsory to report a cat by a vehicle in Guernsey and 94.58% of 240 participants have said yes it should be compulsory.”

“Amelia’s petition has already had over 800 supporters sign up to support a change in the law and to show your support please visit .”

“A real challenging situation we face at the GSPCA is the number of cats not microchipped which vastly slows the process in finding an owner.”

“Although we have seen an increase from less than 50% of stray or injured cats been chipped 10 years, we still see 1 or 2 in every 5 cats with no form of identification.”

“We microchip cats here for just £4.99 and to book your cat in please call 01481 257261 or email [email protected] .”

What the Guernsey Law currently says -

Section 8. ‘Duty of driver in case of accident’ of The Road Traffic (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2019 (attached) requires a driver involved in an accident with an animal to report it to the police within 24hr if the owner of the animal is not present.  For these purposes an animal is defined as a horse, bovine animal, ass, mule, sheep, pig or goat; and in section 8 that expression shall also mean a dog. Cats are not included in the definition of animal in this Ordinance. 

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