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Whenever we receive positive feedback about a staff member or volunteer, and also when the team nominate someone at the GSPCA we award them with a certificate of appreciation and here are those for this Spring/Summer 2015 -


Sarah Ozanne - 'Sarah is one of the most cheerful staff at the GSPCA. She is always polite and friendly to other staff and the public, and always willing to work in any department without complaint.' 'Sarah Ozanne gives up a lot of her time, she is always available to give advice, she works hard at promoting the monthly bingo. She is a very approachable and helps with anything she can.'

Sheryl Carre - 'Always polite with the dogs owners and takes care with all the dogs making sure they are all looking their best before going home.' 'I would also like to nominate Sheryl as when I came to pick up my ferret Yvonne was off sick, and the lady that Yvonne told me was going to hand him over for some reason didn't, so Sheryl put herself forward to help me with the paper work and transferring him over, even though she doesn't work with the ferrets, as she's on dogs, she spoke to me very well and very polity, and answered all my questions I had on the boy she could and for her not to know him at all and was honest about it, made me feel happier to be doing all that paper work with her, also when my dogs have come into boarding, whenever they leave they are happy to jump between me and her, which shows that she does give them her time as one of them can be scared and get unwell due to it, but by the time I picked them up they were both so happy, and any question I needed to know about there stay she knew straight off, and that made me feel at ease to bring them back knowing she didn't have to relook at paper work to remember, she was polite and friendly.'

Jane Jarvis - 'For her hard work and professionalism in a demanding and stressful position.'

Yvonne Chauvel - 'Yvonne for all the help she has given me when I've adopted your ferrets, and the absolute love and care she shows each and every one! also the way she was so helpful with me to pick on of them, I picked up a spookish one and just like she said he has already calmed down and is playing with my old boy which I also rescued off you a few years back!! Her dedication to the animals is amazing.'

Geoff George - 'I vote for Geoff as the staff member who deserves recognition for his work at the GSPCA. I have had a lot of dealings with Geoff over the years, both when I worked at Vets4Pets and on a number of occasions where I have either had to call him out to our home at St Saviour to rescue a seagull, a hedgehog and to try and catch a sickly flu ridden cat that had come into our home (but escaped out of our cat flap again). I have also taken a sickly seagull in to the shelter after midnight before now only to find Geoff also working on night shift there. His dedication is amazing and he works in all sorts of weather conditions and difficult locations in order to try and save animal's lives. In my dealings with Geoff he has always been ready with a smile and he has a lovely personality. It is obvious to me that he deeply loves animals and will go beyond the call of duty to help them whenever he is needed. This is why I feel he deserves the award for the best staff member at the GSPCA.'

Sarah Creasey - 'Sarah was wonderful with the children who all enjoyed themselves.'

Kevin Beausire - 'Kevin is always happy to help.'

Ian Power - 'We are very lucky to have such a clever maintenance man.'

Helen Sharman - 'Helen is so kind, friendly and helpful and a wonderful person at the GSPCA.'

Tony Gallie - 'Tony does a terrific job with our 2 dogs Poppy and Holly when they come to stay at the GSPCA.'

Anna Paint - 'Thank you so much for finding us such a wonderful cat, we love her so much.'

Collette Pattimore - 'Collette is lovely and thank you.'

Helen Holmes - 'A GSPCA superstar. So helpful and friendly. You can always rely on Helen.'

Social Security Back to Work Placement 

Reece Gilman - 'A lovely young man that has improved and learned new skills each week.'

GSPCA Volunteers & placements

Joe Streeting - 'Joe is always ready to help in any department. He will do anything you ask of him and always offers extra help.'

David Dunkerley - 'Good all rounder called 'The Ferretman' as he has a wonderful affinity with them. So willing and helpful.'

Gill Dunkerley - 'Very caring and reliable good all rounder. Able to work in all departments.'

Sarah Kirby - 'Sarah Kirby is a great volunteer, reliable and not afraid of hard work.'

Mat Hill-Smith - 'Mat and Jen are devoted to their volunteering for you and support the animal shelter two nights a week.'

Jen Bradshaw - 'Mat and Jen are devoted to their volunteering for you and support the animal shelter two nights a week.'

Bridget Henley - 'Bridget is amazing and we are so lucky to have her as a volunteer.'

Chrissie Roberts - 'Chrissie is lovely and so helpful.'

Donna Francis - 'It is great to have Donna back helping.'

Phil Martel - 'Thank you to Phil who has been a huge help on the kennels.'

Louise Rousell - 'Thank you to Louise who has been really helpful on reception.'

Sam La Tissier - 'Sam has been on the committee for many years and has been a huge help.'

Ann Wragg - 'Ann has been a fantastic and all from St Andrews Floral Group helping make the Shelter look lovely.'

Corinne Connelly - 'Corinne does so much for local charities, especially the GSPCA.'

Craig Sharman - 'A really helpful and friendly young man.'

Duncan Cumming - 'A real Canadian star at the GSPCA.'

Jackie La Marchant - 'What would we do without Jackie, she is fantastic.'

Susam Bartram - 'A really lovely lady who is a huge help.'

Anna Duchemin - 'Anna and Paul and a fantastic help with our warden service.'

Paul Duchemin - 'Anna and Paul and a fantastic help with our warden service.'

Dave Brook - 'Dave is a great warden and we are missing him while he is on his break.'

Natalie Randall - 'Congratulations to Natalie on her little baby boy and with such a caring and wonderful Mum that helps the GSPCA so much he will be brought up in an amazing family.'

We have an amazing team at the GSPCA and are so lucky to have such a wonderful caring and compassionate support network.

The certificates of appreciation are for those that have had positive feedback come directly on an official vote or correspondence to the GSPCA Manager but we are indebted to all of the team for the amazing work they carry out every day.

Without the staff and the volunteers we really couldn't provide the 24 hour 7 day a week service helping animals in Guernsey.

If you would like to volunteer and help us at the Shelter please do get in touch or pop along to one of our upcoming volunteer inductions. The next are on Monday 20th and 27th July at 3pm and take around 80 minutes.

To help with the animals on site you have to be 14 or over although you are welcome to attend no matter your age to find out about other roles such as fund raising that you can get involved with.

To find out how to become a volunteer please go to –

To help us recognise a member of our team please go to -

To see the last round of certificates of appreciation please click here


To complete our local Guernsey microchip survey -

Create your own user feedback survey

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