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The GSPCA carries out a huge range of services for the community and animals in Guernsey.

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Guernsey the GSPCA has continued 24/7 essential operations and we must thank the community and our team for their understanding and co-operation.

These have without doubt been the most difficult months in living memory for the team from ensuring we continue our vital work to raising the much needed funds which continues to be a real struggle due to the challenging times we find ourselves in.

To donate to our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal please visit -

The challenges don’t stop for the GSPCA as our team continue on the front line.

From boarding to strays we help islanders and their pets in many ways which will include those owned by members of public that have been off island.

As such, due to these and other risks the GSPCA has to take a safe and measured approach during phase 5, as Covid-19 remains around the world.

The table below is the plan and status of our services, but is fluid and may/will alter if and when circumstances change and inline with instruction from the States of Guernsey.

We have also written some of the new protocols below for team members which again will be fluid depending on rules, instructions and risks that may present themselves.

The GSPCA continues to encourage social distancing on site and high standards of bio-security including using sanitiser and washing hands.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “The GSPCA has without doubt faced its most difficult of times in living memory during the recent months.”

“From providing our 24/7 service to raising the much needed funds has been and continues to be incredibly difficult and we cannot thank the community and team enough for their support, understanding and all they have done and continue to do.”

“As many celebrate the move into phase 5 here in Guernsey the GSPCA continues with a very cautious approach.”

“The GSPCA interacts with all parts of our community, which will include those that are travelling off island.”

“We already have boarding animals booked in for members of public travelling off island and we have plans in place for socially distanced drop offs when they return.”

“We help 100’s of stray animals every year and each one we do not know who they are owned by and if their owners have travelled outside of the Bailiwick or if they have symptoms of coronavirus, so we cannot be complacent for our team and the whole community.”

“We also provide the Pet Checks at the airport for animals coming into the Bailiwick from outside of the British Isles and assist customs when required, all of which can and does put our team on the front line and as such we have to take precautions as we have for many months now.”

“We have a plan of phasing many of our services back into operation and we will certainly continue with some of those developed during lock down.”

“One of the most heart felt has been our delivery service for bereaved pet owners who have asked for their beloved pets ashes to be returned.”

“We have had so many kind and emotional thanks for this service during what has been very difficult times for us all.”

“From next week we are very excited that the remaining members of our staff that have been unable to work due to the risks from Covid-19 return to work, as well as some of the supervised placements.”

“Once the whole staff team are settled we are phasing the volunteers back that have been unable to help, but with 120 that normally help each week and over 800 a year we are doing this in stages.”

“We are asking all volunteers to email me first via [email protected] as we have to update their details and ensure they are trained with the new procedures which we are hoping to do for those over 18 and will look to get them back on site for this training from Monday the 6th July, with younger volunteers hopefully starting back in September all being well and good.”

“There will be some major changes for those that have been away for the last four months and continuation of lock down protocols here at the GSPCA for bio-security reasons which include the following”

Some of the new GSPCA procedures at the GSPCA -

  • The break room is closed to help with social distancing and we encourage all team members to bring in their own drinks and prepared food. Breaks will be taken in areas designated around site, own vehicles or in open spaces and should not be taken in groups in close proximity of one another
  • The GSPCA asks all team members to ensure social distancing unless there are essential reasons for team members to work in close proximity, for example some medical treatments, but team members MUST use personal protective equipment and take measures to minimise any risks to one another
  • All team members MUST ensure excellent standards of cleanliness, use protective clothing where appropriate and wash hands regularly using soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds and use the sanitisers provided
  • Disinfecting procedures throughout all departments/vehicles is a daily responsibility for team members working around site
  • Only one team member should be in a vehicle at any time unless express permission has been given
  • Visitors are encouraged to use hand sanitisers on arrival, departure and after any interactions that cause concern
  • The reception team must ensure items used by visiting public are disinfected after each use, including high risk areas such as door handles, doorbells, pens, etc.
  • All visitors/volunteers are to report to reception to sign in and out when visiting the GSPCA
  • We have heightened procedures on what animals volunteers can handle which now include any new strays, only staff members or animal wardens are allowed to handle these animals during the first 7 days of their stay. Appropriate signs will be placed on the front of their enclosures/pens/kennels to indicate this, but all volunteers must check before entering or opening any enclosures
  • If any team member has a concern that anyone on site, or someone has interacted with a team member that has been outside of the Bailiwick of Guernsey in the last 14 days it must be reported immediately to a senior member of the team
  • No staff/volunteers are allowed on site if they have been outside of the Bailiwick of Guernsey in the previous 14 days
  • Anyone with signs or symptoms of Covid-19 must not come to the GSPCA and must seek advice from the States of Guernsey and relevant medical authorities
  • There are a number of gates, doors and barriers in place to help with social distancing and prevent visitors going to areas they are not permitted and these must be kept closed or locked as appropriate

“This is a live list of new procedures which is being adjusted and updated and we do ask all volunteers to ensure they are registered to receive our newsletter so you are up to date with any new procedures which you can do by visiting .”

“We do ask volunteers wanting to come back to please be patient while we settle in the new procedures and apologise for those wanting to start volunteering as we aren’t looking at new inductions until late summer early autumn at this time.”

“We are very sorry but the GSPCA site is no longer an open site for viewing like it has been in the past where you could come and view certain areas with animals due to our heightened bio-security and we aren’t carrying out guided tours at this time.”

“We have also had to close our charity shop at this time for this reason and due to the fact we require the area due to the large number of small animals, birds and rabbits we have in our care so we are looking to develop it for these species.”

“Saying this we do continue to use our veg hedge stall to sell some second hand goods and we do have a selection of pet goods and GSPCA merchandise in reception.”

“Our reception area will be open as usual from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday although we are encouraging visitors to only come to us for essential reasons and to please call or email before your visit.”

“We also continue to provide our 24/7 service with the Shelter being manned around the clock and our Ambulance service which we are currently fund raising towards two new vehicles and to donate please visit .”

“As mentioned we cannot thank everyone enough for all of their support and to the States of Guernsey for the incredible way the have handled the crisis and at the GSPCA we strive to continue our team and everyone in our community is safe.”


We continue to rehome animals in our care but ask all those interested in adopting to complete an online form and return to the GSPCA to register your interest

Ambulance Service

We continue to provide this service but we will ask before attending to households to ensure you are not self isolating or been off island recently


We continue to board pets and we have measures to ensure the people dropping off and collecting their animals do not put staff at risk, especially those that have travelled off island. For more information -

Chapel of Rest & Memorial Garden

We are reopening our Chapel of Rest and Memorial Garden during our opening hours, please speak to a member of the team for more information.

Charity Shop

Charity Shop – closed and no longer accepting donations


Pet Cremation Service -  Our cremation services resume to all normal procedures from Saturday 20th June 2020 and we have now developed a delivery service if required.

Dog Training

Has restarted please see the link for details --

Donations (Food & Bedding)

Please do contact us before dropping donations off to the Shelter to ensure we have storage and can use the items.

Donations (Money)

Always welcome, and for collection tin collection please email [email protected] or call 01481 257261

Duke of Edinburgh

Suspended at this time, more details to follow


Please email [email protected] for any requests. Sadly we have no tours or talks on site at this time.

Events Fund Raising

As well as virtual events we are reviewing what we can attend and run over the coming months

Fund Raising

Please see our website for lots of ideas, events to get involved with and ways to support

In-house Training

Continues and if you can help with training for our team please do get in touch


Please phone for appointments

Pet Passport Checks

In-line with the new States guidelines please contact us on 01481 257261 or email [email protected] for information

Rentals (Barriers, Costumes etc)

Please contact us for details

Room Hire

Please contact us for details

Sick and Injured Wild Animals

We continue to operate our 24/7 service both on and off site. Please call our 24/7 helpline on 01481 257261 and press option 2. We do ask to ensure there is no risk from Covid-19 and you haven’t been outside of the Bailiwick of Guernsey in the last 2 weeks


Normal service inline with States of Guernsey laws

Training Courses (public)

We are looking at setting training courses later this year and will advertise them when details are set


Suspended at this time

Unwanted Pets

Normal service inline with States of Guernsey laws

Volunteer Inductions

We are looking at setting training courses later this year and will advertise them when details are set


We are phasing volunteers back into the GSPCA over the Summer months after all staff have returned to work and will be in touch with regards the process and new procedures.

From the end of June Work to Benefit placements recommence under the supervision of the Training & Community Officer.

Any trained volunteers 18 or over wishing to help on site can potentially return from the 6th July but MUST first email [email protected] to arrange the required refresher training and forms to be completed, as well as there proposed dates and times when you wish to assist.

Volunteers under 18 years of age that wish to help on site we are looking at phasing back in September with further details to follow.


Normal service inline with States of Guernsey laws

Wildlife Hospital Appeal

We are currently reviewing our 5 and 10 year strategy and any support to this much need facility is hugely appreciated

Work Experience

Temporarily suspended , further details to follow

Steve continued “With running costs of £2000 a day raising the funds to keep the Shelter going is a daily challenge and without kind supporters we could not carry out our around the clock work.”

“During the lock down we launched our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal .”

“We have had some amazing donations towards this much needed appeal and if you would like to donate you can do so by calling 01481 257261, by post or online via our web page .”

“If you donate a minimum donation of £5 during June you will be put into a draw for a Sterling Silver “Gerry” Giraffe charm and chain kindly donated by Becky Rowe.”

“Another great way to supporting is by donating each month and to find out details please visit this web page .”

“Without your support the GSPCA couldn’t achieve so much caring and helping over 3000 animals every year.”

“We thank everyone for their support and understanding during these difficult days and to help show your support to the GSPCA and bring a smile to passers by please #PetorateToCelebrate .”

“Petorate to Celebrate is a fun way for everyone to show their support to animal charities across the British Isles and Ireland and with this idea born in Guernsey we would love to see everyone get involved.”

“Please fill your garden or front window with cuddly toys, pictures of your pets or drawing s of animals to show your support.”

“To find out more on #PetorateToCelebrate please visit .”

Donations by post please make cheques payable to 'GSPCA’ and post to GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8UD.

For lots of ways of getting involved and supporting the GSPCA please visit -

In line with States of Guernsey advice please DO NOT visit the GSPCA if have been outside of the Bailiwick of Guernsey in the last two weeks or have any symptoms of Coronavirus and we continue visits to the Shelter for only essential reasons and to please call us on 01481 257261 or email [email protected] before your trip to see if we can help without you coming to the Shelter. For the latest information and advice please visit 

The GSPCA continues with all essential services and we plane to phase other services back into operation and to find out more please visit -

With huge challenges on our resources and a drop in income from boarding and donations please help us help animals in Guernsey with our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal by donating online via -

During these difficult times help us help animals in need. From donating to Sponsoring a Pen, Buying a Brick for the much needed Wildlife Hospital to our Amazon and main page Wish List, holding a mufti day to a sponsored Christmas dip, here are some of the ways you could help give animals joy.

For lots more ideas on how you can support the shelter and the animals in our care then please visit our fundraising page

To see a list of our volunteer induction evenings which we hold each month and for more information please visit or call 257261

To find out more on trips, talks and our education work please email [email protected] or call 01481 257261




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