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The GSPCA would like to extend a HUGE thanks to everyone that has helped at the many events over the last few weeks.  From Guernsey Festival to Chaos, the West to the North Show, Donkey Derby to Vale Earth Fair and of course the dozens of volunteers that helped collected all over Guernsey on Saturday during our flag day.  The money is still being counted and figures of the fantastic effort will be released soon.

We are now calling all volunteers that can help at our Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday on the 9th September to meet up for a briefing before the day.

Lorna Prince (Welfare Manager) and Steve Byrne (GSPCA Manager) from the GSPCA would like to invite all those helping to attend a meeting at the Ship & Crown at 8pm Monday the 3rd September.

We want to ensure as many of our volunteers are aware of the many events, times and locations so the day can run smoothly and everyone can have a fabulous day.

Steve Byrne said 'It has been a really busy few months with the GSPCA attending more fund raising events than ever before and now we have our biggest challenge.'  'Lorna and I will be organising the biggest event ever to be run by the GSPCA and we want it to go really well.'  'We are asking our lovely volunteers to pop along at 8pm at the Ship & Crown so as many people are aware of the many events.'  'I must say a HUGE thank you to everyone that has supported us in our many events, not only the staff and volunteers that have given up their time but also everyone that has donated as without this support we couldn't run the Shelter.'

If you would like to help volunteer please get in touch with Steve Byrne on [email protected]

We are still urging businesses to get involved with our Giant Animal Mascot Racing and to find out more please go to -

To download a booklet about the day please -

Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday

To sponsor Lorna Prince who is doing a Sky Dive this weekend please go to -



To make a donation please click here

If you would like to become a member or donate monthly please -

Become a member or donate monthly


To find out all about the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday see below

On the 9th September 2012 10am to 4pm the GSPCA will be organising a day to celebrate the animals in Guernsey and all the wonderful work that is done to care for them.

There will be stalls and fun for all the family - all with an animal theme. 

Fancy dress to mascot racing, childrens games to lots of food, a fun dog show to an animal less animal show, arts and crafts to a wheelie bin race, doggy dancing workshop and so much more........

We are also pleased to announce that very kind volunteers from Greenman MCC are arranging a stage with live music from a selection of local bands. Remember support local.

The day starts from 10am and will take place along the Sea Front in St Peter Port and there are a variety of events and activities through the day.

To go to the events facebook page or twitter link please click on the logo below

Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday Twitter link

Below are details of the events and how you can get involved.

Below is a provisional map of the layout of stalls and events for the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday.

Map of the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday

Seafront Sunday Provisional timetable




Crown Pier

Sea front

GSPCA stand area

O/S Candy shop









Safe and Sound demonstration IDTC

Warm up to mascot events

Games and activities all day




Dog Show

Live Bands



Mascot & Wheelie Bins racing



Mascot & Wheelie Bins racing




Children’s’ fancy dress



Safe and Sound demonstration IDTC

Mascot Tug-O-War

Pupcake Competition judging




Doggy Dancing workshop

Mascot Arm wrestling

Virtual pet show judging









Bouncy Castles x 3, Stilt walker, Charity stalls with games and activities, Welfare stands, Refreshments,  Trade stands, Face & Nail painting, Chalk drawing the Fire service, Police Dogs, Ambulance and Rescue Service the Flying Christine III


Would like a pitch?Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday

We are looking for charities to run stalls representing their organisation showing their involvement with animals or with an animal theme.  Also businesses that feel they play a valuable part in animal welfare such as vets.  If you have an art and crafts business you are also welcome.

To download a stall or pitch application form please

Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday Application Form

Applications must be returned by the 31st August but we urge all stall holders to ensure applications are in by the 15th July.

Would you like to help sponsor the day?
We are looking for individuals or businesses that would like to help sponsor the day please contact Steve Byrne on [email protected] or call 01481 257261 for more details.

Fun Dog Show

There will be a dog show starting at 12pm with 13 classes.  This is a fun dog show and is open to any breed of dog.Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday

1. Best Puppy Bitch Under 1 year
2. Best Puppy Dog Under 1 year
3. Prettiest Bitch 1 -7 years
4. Most Handsome Dog 1 -7 years
5. Best Veteran Bitch 7 years +
6. Best Veteran Dog 7 years +
7. Best Rescue Bitch
8. Best Rescue Dog
9. Waggiest Tail
10. The Dog Most like its owner
11. Fancy Dress
12. Best Trick
13. Judges favourite

Entries are 50p a class.  Please enter your dog on the day.

Childrens Animal Fancy Dress Competition

At 1.30pm we will be holding a childrens animal themed fancy dress competition.

If you forget your costume there will be a face and nail painter on hand to decorate you or your child.

Mascot RaceAnimal Welfare Seafront Sunday

We will be holding a mascot race along the front at 1pm.  This is open to mascots and individuals prepared to dress as an animal.  Depending on entries this may be split into heats.  We are asking businesses to sponsor a minimum of £100 to enter the race which will go towards helping animals in Guernsey.  This sponsorship will also help cover the cost of the outfit.

For an application form please

For a sponsor form please

Seafront Sunday Sponsor form

To see all the Animal Mascot suits for the racing and games go to

Mascot Racing in Guernsey with Roary the GFC Lion, Daniel the Donkey from Island FM, Bernard the GSPCA Mascot and animal friends


Join Roary the GFC Lion, Daniel the Donkey from Island FM and Bernard the GSPCA Mascot Dog and friends for the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday Mascot Race on the 9th September.

Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday

We are asking businesses, pubs, groups or anyone that would like to get involved with the race to help the animals of Guernsey for a minimum donation of £100.  We will supply a costume for a staff member or budding volunteer to take part and they will get a chance to enter a wheelie bin race and normal race along the Seafront from 1pm on the day. Also for those wanting to stay on for some fun we will have tug of war and lots more with those brave mascots.

Corporate sponsors and businesses get to choose their suit or if they wish to provide their own it must be an animal and we still require the application form completed with the minimum sponsorship.

There are lots of events happening during the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday from a fun dog show, arts and crafts stalls, live music, bouncy castles, kids games, food stalls, picture competitions, doggy dancing and much more.

We are still looking for those interested in having a stall to get in touch with [email protected] call 01481 257261 or visit for more detailsMascot Racing in Guernsey with Roary the GFC Lion, Daniel the Donkey from Island FM, Bernard the GSPCA Mascot and animal friends

Forms can be downloaded below to apply for the Mascot Race.  When you have sent the £100 in and the form is complete a member of the Shelter staff will contact you to discuss options of the suits available.  So far Bernard, Daniel and Roary have 6 competitors and we are looking for more.

Mascot Racing in Guernsey with Roary the GFC Lion, Daniel the Donkey from Island FM, Bernard the GSPCA Mascot and animal friends

Mascot Racing in Guernsey with Roary the GFC Lion, Daniel the Donkey from Island FM, Bernard the GSPCA Mascot and animal friends

For an application form please

For a sponsor form please

Seafront Sunday Sponsor form

For any questions please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday

Pupcake Judging

There will be a stall where you or your child can make Pupcakes.  For just £1 you can make and decorate your very own dog treat cake using a variety of treats and dog food.  These will be judged at 2.15pm to choose the best, the healthiest and the judges favourite in differing age groups.

 Animal Less Animal Show (photo show of your animals)

Not got a dog but own a pet then this is your chance to take part in a show without the need to bring them along.Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday

We are asking pet owners to take pictures of their pets and for 50p per entry per class you can enter your cat, rabbit, horse, donkey, stick insect, tortoise, whatever it may be into a virtual pet show..

1. Happiest Pet
2. Cutest Pet
3. Pet with the most toys
4. Funniest looking Pet
5. Pet with the most friends
6. Pet that looks most like its owner
7. Best MammalAnimal Welfare Seafront Sunday
8. Best Reptile
9. Best Fish
10. Biggest Looking Pet
11. Smallest Looking Pet
12. Best Fancy Dressed Pet
13. Smartest Looking Pet
14. Least Intelligent Looking Pet
15. Best Guernsey WIldlife Picture
16. Judges favourite

This will be judged at 2.30pm

Pictures can be brought on the day or entered in advance.  More details on how to enter to follow.

Best In Show
Between the Dog Show and the Animal Less Show the judge will choose the Best In Show.

Doggy Dancing Workshop

Dog Trainers from the GSPCA will be holding a doggy dancing display and teaching those with dogs what to do and getting them to take part. 


Special Award

During the Seafront Sunday there will be a very special award to someone that has made a real impact to Animal Welfare, don't miss it to find out who this special person is.


Music outside the Ship & Crown thanks to the bands and Chaos Events







Amy & Luis



Becky and the Veggie Burgers



Le Crowman






Peppered Ant Legs



If you, your group, business or school would like to volunteer and help on the day please email [email protected]


To download a poster to help advertise the day please

Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday

If you are wanting to get involved, take part or know more then please contact GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne 01481 257261 or email [email protected]

Keep an eye on this page as we update it with more information.



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