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The Animal Shelter is now at the fore front of animal rescue and rehabilitation. 

After two very large donations the GSPCA have been able to purchase 3 small and 5 large intensive care units worth over £3000.

The unitsNew Intensive Care Units at the GSPCA Guernsey Animal Shelter in the wildlife unit with Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager are being placed around the Animal Shelter for when sick and injured or very young animals and birds are brought in which in many circumstances will help save their lives.

The Intensive Care Units are self contained and can are thermostatically controlled with inbuilt fans, humidity control and remove bacteria from the air. 

One of the units is being fitted into the GSPCA Rescue Vehicle which will enable the collection officers to help animals such as wet hedgehogs, abandoned kittens, fledglings, oiled birds to name but a few into a warm safe environment within moments of arriving at the location.

Geoff George Animal Collection Officer said ‘This will make such a difference when I am going out to rescue animals and birds and it will help save lives.’

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said ‘These units will enable us to be at the fore front of animal rescue and rehabilitation.’  ‘We are the first rescue to have the new models and the only that I know that will have one in a rescue vehicle.’

GSPCA Wildlife Facility Guernsey Animal ShelterThe units at the Shelter will make a huge difference to the young animals needing hand rearing, as well as those that arrive cold and wet with the coming winter.

The GSPCA wish to extend a massive thank you to the two donations that have enabled the Shelter to purchase this much needed equipment.

We are still refurbishing our wildlife unit and over ten swimmers are undertaking a sponsored Polar Bear Swim on Christmas Day to raise funds for this and purchase other items such as heat pads and other rescue equipment.

To find out how to donate or sponsor them please go to  



"Quack quack These are quacktastic x x"

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