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Last night one of the Shelter volunteer wardens rescued a cormorant from St Sampsons that was trapped in a garden.

After a night of TLC and plenty of fish we are pleased to announce that we were able to release him this afternoon in a very sunny St Peter Port spot.

After being trapped behind a fence thankfully there were no injuries or health issues which meant he was able to go back to the wild where he belongs.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'When he came in last night even though he had been trapped for some time he was very healthy.'

'After a nights rest and plenty of fish he was eager to get back to the wild and after ensuring he was fit enough we set him free earlier this afternoon.'

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'On a sunny day like today there is nothing better than getting a wild animal back to where they belong.'

'Bray the cormorant certainly didn't hang about as when we got him out of the transport box he flew straight off to get his bearings.'

'If anyone would like to support the work we do they can sponsor a pen, kennel or unit by going to our sponsorship page.'

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A little bit about cormorants -

A cormorant is a large waterbird and has an almost primitive appearance with a long neck making it appear almost reptilian. They can often be seen around the coastline of Guernsey and often seen standing with their wings held out to dry. They are regarded by some as black, sinister and greedy, as cormorants are supreme fishers which can bring them into conflict with anglers and they have been persecuted in the past. The UK holds internationally important wintering numbers. Their Latin name is Phalacrocorax carbo and come from the family Phalacrocoracidae. They are found around the UK coastline and on rocky shores, coastal lagoons, estuaries, increasingly inland at reservoirs, lakes and gravel pits.

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