Merry Christmas from all at the GSPCA, opening times and advice on how to keep your pets safe

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year – but not always for your pets!

Every year the GSPCA has reported incidents of pets putting their safety at risk.

Here are some tips from the GSPCA to keep your pets safe. Please keep them away from -

Alcoholic beverages

Chocolate (highly toxic to pets)


Mouldy or spoiled foods (please ensure all waste is disposed of and stored safely away from your pets)


Chicken or Turkey bones (as they can splinter)


GSPCA devastated as Oscar Puff the oiled puffin dies

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The GSPCA were devasted recently as despite making it through the first two days Oscar Puff passed away.

The signs and symptoms sadly displayed were that of a bird that ingested too much oil and despite around the clock intensive care and treatment we were unable to save the stunning tiny little seabird.

Puffins are incredibly difficult to rehabilitate and when they arrived covered in oil it is almost impossible as they try to clean themselves and the ingested oil poisons them from the inside.


Titan from Guernsey and Pork Pie originally from Cornwall the Grey Seal Pups back in the wild

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Earlier today with the good weather it was decided to release Pork Pie and Titan two young grey seal pups back to the wild.

To make a donation to help the seals in our care please go to 


First Herm rescue seal pup Jagho Herman and first Guernsey pup of the season Luna C

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Last week the GSPCA warned of the dangers of the stormy weather and sadly two orphaned grey seal pups were the result.

On Saturday the GSPCA had a report of a seal pup hauled up between Fort Doyle and La Fontenelle Bay, so Geoff George headed out to check out what had been seen with his partner Dani Brouard.

The 6 week old seal pup was found dehydrated and at only 25kgs, 15kgs under her ideal weight.

The pup has been called Luna C and is now under the 24/7 care of Geoff George Head of Marine Mammals and the GSPCA team.


Its time to claim the gift aid tax if you have donated between £500 and £7500 to help Guernsey charities

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In 2021 you may have heard that the upper limit has been increased to £7500 which means even more help to support good causes with the lower limit from £500.

For 2021 it still is from £500 and is up to £7500 and here are the details -

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “As an animal welfare charity every penny donated to the GSPCA makes a difference to animals in Guernsey.”


GSPCA Host the Guernsey Community Foundation Charity Chat on Fundraising and CSR

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On Wednesday evening the GSPCA hosted the Guernsey Community Foundation Charity Chat which is a monthly get together of charities normally hosted at the KGV but for the first time the Chat took place at one of the charities that attend the meetings.

Each meeting has a topic and a main speaker and for this months event GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who has worked for the Society for over 10 years and has nearly 25 years experience working for animal charities and other over 30 years involved with clubs and community groups.


GSPCA join the Town Church Christmas Tree Festival and why not donate to get your hedgehog decoration

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Once again the Town Church is hosting a Christmas Tree Festival featuring trees decorated by local and international charities with viewing times 8.30am to 5pm and open until late on 9th, 16th and 23rd for late night shopping.

Entry is free so please pop in to see the trees and enjoy some refreshments when you are in Town.

The GSPCA have joined the festival with a lovely decorated Christmas Tree with a hedgehog theme.


Stormy weather casualty Oscar Puff the Puffin the first rescued since 2014

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The recent stormy weather has caused many casualties over recent weeks, but today the GSPCA were called out to a rare bird on our coast at this time of year.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Earlier today one of our GSPCA Ambulance Drivers were called out to Grandes Rocques to rescue a bird that we only really see around Herm or Alderney during the summer months.”

“The bird we rescued today is a really poorly puffin a bird that during the winter months live far out at see as they only come on land to nest.”


WEATHER WARNING - With extreme weather please help care for animals of Guernsey

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Once again the Bailiwick has high winds and weather that puts our animals and wildlife at risk.

Often during the winter months with the high winds and stormy weather makes it difficult for wild animals and birds to feed and rest.

With the high winds we have to ensure our pets and animals kept outside are safe and secure.

Once again GSPCA are asking those that live around and visit our coast to please watch out for injured animals in need as well as seal pups which can get separated from their mothers at this time of year especially when we see bad weather.


Don’t forget those that have suffered - Please check out how you can help the GSPCA and 100’s of rescue animals this Christmas

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There are many ways to support our work at the GSPCA this Christmas from sponsoring a kennel to a wish list gift.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “With over 3000 animals through our doors in 2021 we have seen an incredibly busy and difficult year and it would be amazing if we could have a bumper Christmas of kindness.”

“There are a huge range of ways to support our work this Christmas and we have popped a page together with a few ideas.”