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The Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure has yesterday published proposals to provide better protections for wild and domesticated animals by strengthening Guernsey’s animal welfare legislation.

The proposed changes will modernise Guernsey’s legislation and fulfil the extant States’ Resolutions that were not covered immediately by the Animal Welfare (Guernsey) Ordinance in 2012.

Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez, President of the Committee, said:

‘These proposals will increase protections for Guernsey’s domesticated animals and resident wildlife, as well as migratory species passing through. They align with international legislative advancements in recognition of animal sentience. It is essential that our legislation corresponds with welfare standards in place in the UK and other trading partners in today’s post-Brexit context and that we demonstrate commitment to international conventions.’

The Committee’s proposals to strengthen local legislation and address inhumane activities include:

• Greater enforcement powers for animal welfare investigations.

• Incorporating provisions of the UK Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Act 2024 into domestic legislation. Prompted by reports that British livestock transported across the EU were suffering thirst, exhaustion and rough handling, it would prevent the export of livestock for ‘slaughter or fattening for slaughter’ beyond the British Isles.

• Prohibiting the farming of animals for fur, feathers/down or hides/skin as a primary product rather than a slaughter by-product. Wool farming would still be permitted.

• Prohibiting production of foie gras by force-feeding.

• Ensuring that stunning and slaughtering instruments used in culling birds and small mammals adhere to accepted humane standards.

• Preventing the use of wild animals in circuses.

• Prohibiting snares and leg-hold/gin trapsi.

• Disallowing use of glue traps, except by approved pest controllers.

• Disallowing use of artificial lights or illuminating devices in capturing animals (known as ‘lamping’), except under licence for environmental or scientific purposes.

• Updating local veterinary regulations to align with current Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ protocols.

Guernsey is a party to the Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals and its agreements, which restrict the use of ‘indiscriminate’ devices and methods to capture or kill animals. These have the capacity to entrap not only their intended targets, but other species caught inadvertently. This includes snares, leg-hold/gin traps, glue traps and the use of artificial lights or illuminating devices. England, Wales and Scotland have instituted legislation prohibiting or restricting the use of various indiscriminate traps, and the proposed changes would bring Guernsey into alignment on this issue.

States Veterinary Officer David Chamberlain said:

‘Snares, leg-hold/gin traps and glue traps are cruel by design and can cause enormous animal suffering. We have found evidence that snares are still being set in Guernsey, including when a cat returned home with what appeared to be a homemade snare around his neck last month. The proposed changes will bring local legislation to a comparable level with other jurisdictions and will provide the States Veterinary Officers with powers to take enforcement action where it is appropriate.’

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “The GSPCA are delighted to hear the improvements proposed for the animal welfare legislation here in Guernsey.”

“At the GSPCA we work closely with the States Vets and Guernsey authorities.”

“In recent years we have seen prosecutions and investigations from cruelty to reptiles to illegally transported puppies.”

“When investigating welfare concerns we face a wide range of challenges and any improvements to our legislation are hugely welcomed.”

“At the GSPCA we help animals 24/7 365 days a year and thankfully many of the welfare concerns we look into can be resolved with education and advice there are those serious circumstances where we need to escalate and work with our authorities and legislation.”

"With hundreds of concerns reported every year our Welfare Offficer Lorna and the team are kept very busy and sadly we do occasionaly see some horrendous sights that require robust legislation to help rescue those animals that are suffering."

“Some of the real daily challenges we have are animals not microchipped or not have any identification to the loose farm animals which pose a real danger to themselves, our team and the public.”

“Even though it is now compulsory to microchip cats later this month in the UK as well as dogs sadly we do not have this legislation in Guernsey which makes it difficult with nearly 20% of strays that we help every year.”

“In regards stray farm animals like cows as well as horses there is currently no easy way to get hold of owners quickly which is a real concern for us at the GSPCA as the dangers they pose to themselves and our community.”

"We contunie to work with the authorities to highlight the issues we and animals in Guernsey face and we hope to see continued improvements to our laws and the ways we are able to help animals in need."

"151 years ago the GSPCA was set up to help prevent cruelty to animals and help educate owners and we have seen huge strides and improvements in those years."

"A considerable amount of time in the early days was spent in persuading owners and drivers of horse drawn vehicles to show some consideration for their animals."

"Boxcart drivers in the stone trade would haul very heavy loads of granite along unmade roads from the quarries to the cracking yards and to quite considerable distances where new roads and lanes were being surfaced, in most cases drivers were considerate to animals in their charge, but with some Companies animals were worked to their limit."

"Butchers roundsmen with a horse and van would leave the shop at 6 to 7am and go on a country delivery round often running as late as 10pm and then having to stable and feed the horse."

"Horses and cattle and farms were observed and where required were investigated if cruelty or neglect were involved."

"Although we don't see aniamls worked like the were in the 1800's we do still investigate concerns from domestic to farm animals and even wild animals whose nests or roosts that are being distrubed to using cruel capture devices."

"One of the worst cases we have seen in recent years was a bearded dragon and snakes that had been left for weeks without care."

"Many will also remember the Slovakian puppy case where there were 7 welfare prosecutions as well as 25 fraud cases."

"We never know what we will be asked to help next at the GSPCA and with over 400 animals in our care currently and our new BIG BUILD plans we continue to ensure we are here for the animals of Guernsey and our community."

“If anyone ever has an animal welfare concern they can contact us at the GSPCA by calling 01481 257261.”

“We are always looking for those want to help with our work and if you are interested in becoming a volunteer or join the team in anyway please check out this link .”

“To care for the 1000’s of wild animals and many others in our care we really need your support, please donate by going to  , call 01481 257261 or by post please make cheques payable to 'GSPCA’ and send to GSPCA, Rue des Truchots, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8UD.”

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