This November, Think Pet, Think Animal - FIREWORKS CAN TERRIFY

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Help us to continue to keep them safe!

Thankfully the incidents of animals being injured by fireworks & bonfires in Guernsey are few and far between; but we mustn’t get too complacent. Below are some basic guidelines that will enable you to help all of our furry and feathered friends to stay calm and safe on and around Bonfire night.


Jimmy the Buzzard who was shot and rescued last week is rehabilitated and now back in the wild

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We are pleased to announce that Jimmy who was rescued last week after being shot by an airgun pellet has been rehabilitated and is now back in the wild.

If it hadn't been for the kind individuals that found Jimmy the Buzzard who has been sexed as female then she would of surely died.

Only days ago Jimmy was released close to where she was found. On route she was very keen to get back to the wild and quickly made off as soon as she had the chance.


Robin needs his Batman - Appeal for a cat needing a major operation at the GSPCA

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Robin is a male adult stray cat that came in extremely thin with multiple health problems.

When first found he even smelt as though he had been living out of a bin for some time.

With no owner found, Robin who has a lovely nature is in desperate need for your help and requires major surgery on his head to remove growths from both ears.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'Robin is adorable and has been through a lot already and we now need help to get his ears operated on.'


Thank you to St Johns Community Centre

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The GSPCA would like to thank St Johns Community Centre for their very kind donation of £900 earlier this year to help the work of the Animal Shelter.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'It was extremely kind for the St John's Community Centre committee to nominate the GSPCA as one of their chosen charities for the money they had raised.'

'A Every penny makes a huge difference and we are extremely grateful to them for this very exogenous donation and it will certainly help the thousands of animals we help every year.'


Nelson survives near death experience

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In the very early hours of Tuesday morning a member of staff at the Harbour Authority spotted a bird struggling trapped in a pontoon that was close to drowning.

Thankfully he managed to stretch out to rescue the bird and rushed it straight to the GSPCA Animal Shelter.

The Shelter is manned 24 hours and on arrival Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager was there to accept the bird that was very close to death.

An intensive care unit was set up ready and Steve did what he could to try and get some of the fluid out of the bird.


Amazon Wish List help dreams come true at the GSPCA

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Every day the GSPCA faces challenges and to keep up with the many demands we are always looking at ways in which we can ensure we can look after the 200 to 300 animals in our care.

We never know quite what we will need to rescue or care for and that means at the Shelter we are always looking for support and equipment.


What to do if you see Ducklings in Guernsey

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It’s that time of year when the Shelter becomes the temporary home to lots of lost and abandoned ducklings who for one reason or another have found themselves separated from their mother and the rest of their brood.

 This may be for a variety of reasons such as: 


A Deluge of Degu's at the GSPCA in Guernsey

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On the 15th June the GSPCA accepted two lovely, healthy, female Degu's that an owner could no longer care for with what we thought were 5 babies

Martha and Mary as they are named are fantastic little characters and the team quickly became very fond of them.

With any new mother Shelter staff and volunteers try to ensure they are not disturbed and kept in a quiet place at first.

After a couple of days staff took a much closer look and were surprised to find much more than 5 but in fact there were 10 babies from one of these lovely female Degu's.


Don't forget our Labradog Fun Afternoon this Sunday

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This Sunday the 14th July 2013 at the Bon Port Hotel we would like to invite you to Labradog Day, a day to celebrate Labradors in Guernsey.

Organised by Cherry Dewey we are asking labrador owners from around the Bailiwick to come along with their Labradors for a fun filled afternoon.

We are also trying to get as many Labradors from around the island so we can get a phot of them all together.

The day includes -


Nouska back home at the GSPCA after his operation

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After an operation to remove a lump from his throat and an overnight stay Nouska the Husky is back at the Animal Shelter and doing well.

The lump which was found after Nouska was signed over to the Shelter has now been removed and he is on pain relief, antibiotics and a special food to help his recovery.

We have sent the lump away to be diagnosed and will hopefully no longer cause Nouska and more issues.