Please help care for the wildlife of Guernsey | A message from the GSPCA and RSPB Guernsey

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The GSPCA and RSPB in Guernsey want you and your dog to enjoy your walk but we are appealing to owners to take care when you are out walking.

Spring and early Summer is the main season when your dog needs to be properly controlled to protect young farm animals and ground-nesting birds.

Ground nesting birds during the bird breeding season, which is usually April to July is a time when we are asking you to keep your dog under close control or on a short lead in areas where they may be nesting.


What to do if you find a baby bird in Guernsey

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Over the last few weeks the GSPCA have been receiving baby birds on a daily basis and the Animal Shelter would like to remind everyone what to do if  you find a young bird.

As a general rule, it is best to leave baby birds alone.

A baby bird has a greater chance of survival in the wild than it has being hand-reared by man as they learn to fend for themselves and how to forage for food by their parents.

Around 2 weeks after hatching young birds in your Bailiwick garden usually leave the nest, just before they learn how to fly.


Well done to the GSPCA team & everyone that did the Itex Walk on Saturday

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430am Saturday morning 3 staff and one volunteer were queuing outside the White Hart as the sun rose to start the 38.5mile Itex Walk around Guernsey.

The GSPCA team were made up of Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager, Geoff George Animal Collection Officer, Tony Gallie Animal Care Assistant and Natalie Randall Volunteer Warden.


A trio of rescued Silkies from Vale now at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we are often called regarding abandoned animals.

Last week a concerned member of public spotted a trio of Grey Silkies wandering around the Vale Castle area.

The birds were quite nervous and wasn't able to catch them so called in the GSPCA to assist.

Geoff George the GSPCA Animal Collection Officer attended the seen a number of times last week before he finally managed to catch them.

Safe and sound now at the Shelter they are doing well and there is a home already lined up for them.


Labradog Day 14th July 2013 at Bon Port Hotel - a day for the Labradors in Guernsey

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On Sunday the 14th July 2013 at the Bon Port Hotel we would like to invite you to Labradog Day, a day to celebrate Labradors in Guernsey.

Organised by Cherry Dewey we are asking labrador owners from around the Bailiwick to come along with their Labradors for a fun filled afternoon.

We are also trying to get as many Labradors from around the island so we can get a phot of them all together.

The day includes -

3pm a picture of all the Labradors together


Please sponsor the team doing the Itex Walk this Saturday and Natalie one of our volunteers joins in

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Only 2 days to go and Natalie Randall one of the Shelter volunteers has stepped up to join GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne, Animal Collection Officer Geoff George and Animal Care Assistant Tony Gallie who are all doing the whole 38.5 miles around the Island to help raise funds for the annual event and the 2013 chosen charities.

The walk has now become one of Guernsey's key fund raising events for local charities and attracts several hundred participants every year determined to complete the nearly forty mile route.


First Volunteer Evening a success at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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Last night 18 new volunteers attended the first ever GSPCA Volunteer Evening to find out how they can help and get the ball rolling.

GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne greeted the 18 new volunteers at the GSPCA who were interested in helping at the Shelter and the work we carry out every day.


Want to Volunteer for the GSPCA? Pop along to the Animal Shelter tomorrow at 6.30pm - Wednesday 5th June 2013

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If we didn't have volunteers at the GSPCA we couldn't exist, as every day kind individuals give up their own time to help the Animal Shelter and the work that goes on around the clock.

In a very basic calculation volunteers gave up well in excess of 13'000 hours during 2012 which is the same as 300 people working one 40 hour week.

From dog walkers to fund raisers, night wardens to receptionists, gardening to mucking out the GSPCA are grateful to each and every person that gives up their time to help the many animals in our care.


Thank you to everyone that supported and helped at the GSPCA Summer Fayre & Dog Show this weekend.

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Yesterday was the GSPCA Summer Fayre and Fun Dog Show at Fairfields.

With over 200 dogs, over a 1000 visitors and a very sunny day a fantastic time was had with a lot of fun and some stunning dogs.

The GSPCA would like to thank all the volunteers and helpers as well as all those that supported the Dog Show which was all about celebrating the dogs of Guernsey.

There were stalls and games as well as plenty of refreshments and a BBQ which was ideal for such a sunny day.

Also many of the owners and some of the dogs enjoyed an ice cream or two.


This Sunday join the GSPCA at Vets 4 Pets in St Martins for a fund raiser and open day at their surgery

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Vets 4 Pets in St Martins are holding an Open Day on Sunday 9th June at their St. Martins practice.

They are inviting you to come down and have a sniff around between 10am and 4pm!

Proceeds are going to the GSPCA and we will also be there with a stall.

More info to follow soon!