New Year New Start - How to volunteer for the GSPCA Animal Shelter in 2013

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New Year New Start, are you looking to make a New Years resolution?

The GSPCA are always looking for volunteers to help at the Shelter in a variety of roles. Volunteers helping raise funds for the GSPCA Animal Shelter Guernsey


Cranberry the lucky Christmas turkey

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This Christmas another turkey decided to skip the Christmas table by escaping.

On Christmas Eve Cranberry joined the team at the GSPCA Animal Shelter after being found straying in L'Ancresse.

This is the third year in a row the GSPCA has had stray turkeys brought in to the Shelter and if you are missing any animal then the GSPCA would urge you to get in touch as we have had a number of strays in over the festive period.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'We really can't believe it!'


Unwanted Christmas Gifts? We're still in Smith Street until the 31st

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The GSPCA hope everyone received everything they wanted at Christmas but if you didn't why not drop your unwanted gifts off at the GSPCA Pop Up Shop in Smith Street below OSA Recruitment and pick up a bargain while you are there.

With everything from bric-a-brac to pet supplies Helen Holmes and volunteers will be manning the shop until the end of the year to help raise funds for the GSPCA and animals in Guernsey.

Helen Holmes Shop Manager said 'If you're out and about shopping in the sales why not call in and drop off any unwanted gifts.'


Merry Christmas from all at the GSPCA and advice on how to keep your pets safe over the festive season

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year – but not always for your pets!

Every year the GSPCA has reported incidents of pets putting their safety at risk.

Here are some tips from the GSPCA to keep your pets safe. Please keep them away from -

Alcoholic beverages

Chocolate (highly toxic to pets)


Mouldy or spoiled foods (please ensure all waste is disposed of and stored safely away from your pets)


Chicken or Turkey bones (as they can splinter)


Late Night Shopping with the GSPCA and Giant Animal friends

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This evening please pop along and support the GSPCA stall and shop fund raising to help animals in Guernsey.

We will have our stall on the Pollet as well as late night opening at our Pop Up Shop at the top of Smith Street thanks to OSA Recruitment.

Handing out lolly pops and raising funds will be some of the Giant Animal Mascots that you may know from the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday held back in September.


Appeal - Jethou Bumblebee has oFISHally got a taste for herring and mackerel - & buy your own seal at our Pop Up Shop

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Jethou Bumblebee has been at the Shelter for just over 4 weeks and has really grown an appetite.

With 15 to 20 fish being swallowed a day he has put on an additional 10kg which is fantastic news as he was only 17kg on entry.

Staff at the Shelter have decided now to do the rehabilitation work at the GSPCA and we are appealing for donations of fish, especially herring and mackerel.

Geoff George ACO and the main carer for Jethou Bumblebee said 'I am so pleased with his progress.'


How much is that doggie in the window? It's not, but please pop along to our Pop Up Shop from Monday

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Only a weekend to go and the GSPCA will be opening the doors in Smith Street to our Pop Up Charity Shop all thanks to OSA Recruitment.

This Sunday staff and volunteers will be setting up from 12pm to get ready for the official opening on Monday morning.

Helen Holmes from the Shelter will open the shop doors at 9am and volunteers will help man the shop 9am until 5.30pm for shoppers to pick up a wonderful selection of pet products, GSPCA goods and bric-a-brac.


Hedgehog haven for the lucky ones, but what do you do if you see a hedgehog at this time of year?

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Last night the GSPCA had a young hedgehog that if had been left to fend for himself he surely wouldn't of made it through the winter.

Hedgehogs would normally be hibernating at this time of year, but due to the mild Autumn and late litters of hoglets many hedgehogs are still awake and many not large enough to sleep through the winter.


Jethou Bumblebee the seal is doing well and munching through plenty of fish

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Over 3 weeks since the rescue we have had ups and downs with Jethou Bumblebee but GSPCA staff are pleased with his progress.

When Jethou Bumblebee was rescued he was 3 - 4 weeks of age and a healthy grey seal of that age would normally weight 40kg.  When Jethou Bumblebee was rescued he weighed just over 17kg which was less than half of what he should of done.

Since being at the Shelter he has been having a series of medications, re-hydration fluids and fish soup.  He is doing that well he is even eating whole fish all on his  own.


GSPCA opening times and rehoming over Christmas and the New Year

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Below is a list of opening times for the GSPCA.

Please remember that in the case of an emergency, sick, injured or stray animal(s) please call 01481 257261 and choose the 24 hour emergency option.

The GSPCA officially stop rehoming on the 15th December until the 2nd January but some animals may be suitable during these periods. The GSPCA do not believe in pets as presents and each home is looked at individually as is the pet.