It's going to be a real hen do with the GSPCA this weekend

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Every year the GSPCA rescues and takes in dozens of chickens and this weekend the Shelter has a real challenge.

The GSPCA will helping with the unwanted hens in and around the Last Post area in St Andrews.

Stray chickens can easily cause problems by multiplying into large numbers which can cause both health problems and other issues.

The GSPCA will be popping along to help catch a number of the hens for rehoming to help with the problem of the large numbers of birds roaming the area.


The 7 dumped Guinea Pigs found in St Martins will be multiplying soon

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After a check over today the GSPCA can confirm that at least one of the 3 female guinea pigs that were found in the same box as 4 males in St Martins earlier this week is pregnant.

We currently have a total of 14 adult guinea pigs at the GSPCA and will have many more in the next month or so.

The gestation period of guinea pigs is approximately 2 months and they often have 3 to 5 offspring which are called pups.  For the vet to identify that at least one is pregnant then she is likely to be at least 5 weeks and due very soon.


We hope to see you all at the Soup Kitchen next Tuesday but we need fish for our Grey Seal Pup

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We are pleased to announce that Jethou Bumblebee is doing extremely well. 

He has been on fish soup for the past few days and last night devoured his first fish all on his own.

His appetite has picked up and he is going through fish at a rate on knots.  As such the GSPCA are appealing for fish so that we can meet his very hungry belly.

The GSPCA would also like to appeal for a new chest freezer to help store all of the fish he will require to get him back to health.


The GSPCA have a Charity Shop this Christmas thanks to OSA Recruitment

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The GSPCA would like to thank OSA Recruitment for there wonderful Pop Up Charity Shop initiative which started on the 23rd November with Communicate having the first week in the shop.

The Pop Up Shop situated on Smith Street has 4 charities taking part each week in the run up to Christmas including Communicate (who are rebranding as GO), The Red Cross, Bridge2Sri Lanka and the GSPCA.


Dates for your diary - GSPCA events and fund raisers

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Below is a list of forth coming events and if you can help or would like more information please do get in touch -

Every Tuesday up to and including the 18th December 2012 between 10.30am and 12pm Coffee Morning and Bric-a-brac sale at the Animal Shelter -

Sponsored Christmas Day Polar Bear Swim - Do you fancy joining in?

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The GSPCA would like to thank the Guernsey Swimming Club who organise the Christmas Day swim for allowing GSPCA supporters to take part in the Swim at the Havelet Bathing Pools.

There are a number of brave souls that will be giving up some of their Christmas morning to jump in the icy water and raise funds to help the work of the GSPCA.

The Polar Bear Swim takes place at the Havelet Bathing Pools on Christmas Day at 10am and the GSPCA would really appreciate your support as they take the plunge.


Seal Pup Rescue to save Jethou Bumblebee

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With any rough and bad weather the GSPCA receives many calls about sick and injured animals.GSPCA seal rescue from Jethou in Guernsey

Yesterday just after 3pm the GSPCA had a very unusual call from Jethou.  A seal pup had been spotted coming ashore alongside the jetty and didn't seem quite right.


Felix really needs your help after more than a year in search of that forever home at the GSPCA

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Felix arrived at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in October in 2011 and has been at the Shelter for well over a year which makes her the longest stay cat in need of a new home. Many of you will know of Victor a cat who also came in around the same time and we are pleased to say he is off to a new home very soon.

Unfortunately Felix came in as a 3 year old semi-feral and as such was extremely nervous and timid after her bad start in life.


A good start - Tuesday 10.30am - 12pm Coffee & Bric-a-brac Morning at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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Tomorrow is the second GSPCA Coffee Morning and Bric-a-brac sale with the Link Centre at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Every Tuesday up to and including the 18th December between 10.30am and 12pm students and staff from the Link Centre will be running coffee mornings at the GSPCA as part of the students Duke of Edinburgh to help raise funds for the Animal Shelter. Last week was the first of them and we are pleased to announce the grand sum of £40 was raised to help animals in Guernsey.


Warning to pet owners as more fireworks are due this weekend and we want your comments

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The GSPCA wanted to remind all pet owners that there is going to be a firework display at the St Martin's Football Club tomorrow evening on the 10th November 2012 and they are planned to start from 6.30pm.

The GSPCA is appealing for feedback on comments regarding how you felt this years firework displays and controls have been. Lorna Prince GSPCA Welfare Manager is on the working party that looks at how fireworks are controlled in Guernsey and she would like your input. Please email comments to [email protected]

Below is advice for pet owners.