Jubilee the injured stray cat is healing well - thank you for your donations

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Earlier this week we reported on Jubilee an injured stray cat that was rescued in the Castel area.

We would like to thank everyone for their donations towards Jubilee and we are pleased to report his eye is healing extremely well and he is improving daily.

He has had a full week of treatment and continues his assessment and time as a stray within the Animal Welfare Ordinance as all stray animals must be kept for a minimum 21 days at the GSPCA


Jubilee an injured stray cat at the GSPCA needs your help

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On Friday of last week 'Jubilee' as we have named him, a stray sick cat was rescued from the Castel area.

Jubilee was caught by a member of public near Castel Hospital and has a nasty left eye injury and a few other health problems.

On Friday he was rushed up to the vets and is currently on a series of treatments.

We have estimated Jubilee to be around 3 years of age and is an entire male, semi long haired black and white cat with no microchip.

We are appealing for the owner to come forward but it is likely he has been a stray for some time.


Today is National Hairball Awareness Day

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Cats are hugely popular in Guernsey with around 10,000 sharing our homes and Island.

Every cat owner, at least once and often in the middle of the night has stepped into a pile of something that looks and feels like anything but hair and wondered, "Does my cat do this on purpose?!" The answer is no they don't and in fact, hairballs are the number one health condition reported by 35% of cat-owning households.

Is your household one of them? If so, there is help with a variety of diets on the market that can help.

What are Hairballs?


Injured ginger and white cat found near the Jamaica Inn area now at the vets

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At 11pm last night the GSPCA were called out to rescue an injured cat near the Jamaica Inn.

The young adult, entire male ginger and white cat was collected and rushed to the vet having being involved with a road traffic incident.

Sadly no collar or microchip was found and he is now under intensive care at the vets.

We are appealing for an owner to come forward and if you have lost a cat in the Admiral Park area then please call us as soon as possible on 01481 257261.


A very sad day at the GSPCA - Rest in Peace Rubis we will all miss you

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Today staff and volunteers have had to face one of the hardest times when rescueing and saving animals.

Rubis the stray cat that arrived a month ago and who has had multiple health problems was rushed to the vets for a second time in a week.

Sadly due to his health issues and rapidly deteriating condition we were unable to help him, and after exploring all options one of the hardest decisions that can be made in animal rescue with the vet meant that this adorable cat had to be put to sleep.


Stray cat Rubis isn't over the worst yet and needs your help

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Last month Rubis an entire black and white stray cat was handed into the GSPCA.

Full of cuts and bites this very affectionate cat that had no chip or collar came in with a number of injuries.

Inline with the 2012 legislation every stray animal including cats have to be held for 21 days whilst we try and find their owner.

Sadly with no microchip, collar or anyone coming forward for Rubis he hasn't been claimed.

During his time at the Shelter we have found that Rubis with his lovely friendly nature and his wounds now healed has other health issues.


Bronx is now named Hugo and appears very happy in his new home

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Another happy forever home for a GSPCA cat.

Almost 2 months ago Bronx a tabby male cat was brought into the GSPCA with no microchip and no owner found.

After his 21 days at the GSPCA in line with the new Animal Welfare Law, an assessment, vet treatment and checks the lovely friendly cat found a new home.

Bronx who is now called 'Hugo' is doing very well and his new owners informed us today with the following words  "We thought you would like to know that Hugo who was Bronx has settled in well to his new home. "


From vinery to forever home - Longest stay cat Vinnie waves farewell to his GSPCA friends

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On Saturday our longest stay cat went to his new home after being at the GSPCA since September 2013.

Vinnie arrived at the GSPCA over 18 months ago after being found as a very feisty young feral at a local vinery.

With a very nervous disposition it has been very difficult to find the right owner for Vinnie, but on Saturday after the new owner spending some time getting to know him over the last few weeks we waved him off to his forever home.


Tortoga finds a home with an especially warm heart

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Tortoga at only a year of age arrived at the GSPCA last July as a stray.

On her vet check however she was found to have a heart murmur.

With a really difficult start in life we have been trying to find Tortoga a new home for over 8 months.

We often struggle to find homes for older animals and those with health issues and we were overjoyed when someone offered Tortoga the loving new home she really deserved.

Helen Sharman Animal Care Assistant said "Tortoga was very shy when she first arrived as a stray at the GSPCA."


Socks heads off to a new home

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Yesterday our Christmas Day cat was adopted.

Socks who arrived at the GSPCA on Christmas Day after an accident was adopted by a lovely family.

On Christmas Day Socks was involved with a road traffic accident and needed treatment before he could find a new home.

After 2 months of care and veterinary treatment he was ready for rehoming.

At only 2 years of age, Socks who is a lovely, friendly, tabby and white male cat was rehomed to the Inder family.