Catrina the old stray cat hit by a car improving daily

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Do you remember Catrina the old stray cat that was hit by a car earlier this month?

Catrina due to her injuries spent over a month at the vets and is now back in the care of the GSPCA and we are pleased to report she is improving daily despite needing a complicated operation and regular treatment and physio since her accident.

Staff and volunteers are working daily with Catrina to help her improve and all have a soft spot for the sweet but cheeky cat.


Catrina the road traffic accident cat is back at the GSPCA after a month at the vets and no owner found

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We overjoyed to report that Catrina is now at the GSPCA after over a month at Isabelle Vets.

Catrina was found on a wet, cold, dark evening 5 weeks ago after being hit by a car and has needed intensive care at the vets.

Sadly with no microchip and no owner this loving, affectionate and sweet cat has been cared for by the team at Isabelle Vets and the GSPCA.

Catrina needed an extensive operation and her veterinary treatment continues as she has a number of health issues but she is improving on a daily basis.


Catrina the road accident cat still at the vets and doing well

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We are pleased to report that Catrina the cat continues to improve although she is still under the care of the vets.

Sadly as no owner has come forward for Catrina in the 21 days required under Guernsey law.  The job we have now at the GSPCA with the help of Isabelle Vets is to get her well and strong enough to find her a home.


Catrina the stray cat has had her operation and at the vets for a few more days

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We are pleased to report that Catrina the stray cat that was found at L'Islet after a road traffic accident nearly two weeks ago has had her operation yesterday at Isabelle Vets.

We are extremely grateful to all that have donated and an amazing £600 has been raised to date and thank you to all that are helping Catrina and of course her many friends at the GSPCA.

To donate to the many animals in our care please visit


Still no owner found for Catrina the stray cat at the vets who is having her operation today

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Catrina the cat is still at the vets and as we write this has gone to be operated on.

A huge thank you to all that have donated so far to her care, sadly we still have no idea who she belongs to but she has been improving each day.

We all have our fingers crossed for her and she will have to stay at the vets over the weekend at the very least.


Catrina the cat who nearly died needs an operation - could you help donate to her care

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You may remember Catrina the stray cat who was rescued collapsed, soaking wet, starving and with no hair or skin on her tail last week.

Catrina was in such a poor state she has had to stay at the vets where she has received intensive, around the clock care.

It is highly likely she was hit by a vehicle although had a number of other health issues when she was found.

She has been growing stronger each day but she will need an operation on her pelvis which with her care is going to cost nearly a £1000.


Oldest cat to be rehomed by the GSPCA Lucy is loving her new home and sends a special message to the team

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Last year an 18 year old cat called Lucy was brought into the GSPCA as sadly her owner could no longer care for her.

As all rescues will know trying to find the older cat a new home is extremely difficult as most are looking to adopt kittens or young cats.

On Saturday the GSPCA team were overjoyed when after 9 months of care at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews Lucy finally found her forever home and this week we have had an update on how she is getting along....


Pumpkin who came in extremely thin and with many health problems as a stray is living happily ever after in a loving new home

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We always love to see the animals that we have helped and rehomed living happily ever after and we recently had an update from a cat called Pumpkin and his owner.

Pumpkin was found as a stray nearly a year ago with all sorts of health problems and extremely thin. After a couple of months of care and treatment he improved and we were able to find him a new and loving home.

Anna Paint GSPCA Senior Animal Care Assistant said “Pumpkin when he first arrived had a lot of health problems and was so so thin.”


Adopted kittens Jack and Luli (was Jill) all grown up living in Alderney 4 years on

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We were recently over joyed to get an update on Jack and Luli who was Jill, two cats that were adopted as kittens in the Summer of 2012.

Born at the Shelter from their mother Darwina a stray cat brought to the Shelter in the Spring of 2012 they were adopted and moved to live with Patti Bret in Alderney that Summer.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant and head of the cattery said "We always love to get updates of the cats we have rehomed and hat a wonderful gift at Christmas to see how two of the kittens born at the Shelter are doing 4 years on."


Kit Kat after 8 months and a lot of treatment for an infected mouth finds his forever loving new home

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Back in March a stray cat was rescued and made its way to the GSPCA.  Sadly no owner could be found and the poor cat had a number of health issues.

The GSPCA named the cat Kit Kat who is a lovely man and who came to us as a stray with one of the worst mouths we have ever seen.

After a number of tests it was found that he has calicivirus, due to this the poor boy had to have all his remaining teeth removed and also had a few courses of antibiotics.

Because of his condition he needed to be a house cat with no other pets present, especially cats.