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On Monday 4th June from 4pm until 7pm we will be holding a very special open evening.

The GSPCA and Pet concern are holding a senior cat re-homing event aimed at senior citizens only.

PET CONCERN is a charity that enables older people to keep and care for their much-loved cat or to help look after a new cat that has entered their life.

They can help with giving medication, preparing and cleaning litter trays, grooming, feeding, cat food shopping and also providing transport for the owner and cat to the vets.


Malcom the cat happy is purrrfectly settled in his new forever home

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Earlier this year Malcom a lovely 5 year old cat went to his forever home.

We are extremely pleased to report that he is doing very well and settled well into his loving new home.

His new owner Jacqueline said “‘From the very first day Malcom arrived he has made himself at home.”

“He has several places at home where he likes to sleep and all are up high.”

“In this last week he has started going outside and is returning home no problem.”

He still can nip but this is mostly when he is playing, no injuries have been caused!”


Please help us find the owner of a black male neutered cat found deceased on Mount Durand

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Please help us find the owner of a black male cat found this evening deceased on Mount Durand.

This evening (Thursday 3rd May 2018) the GSPCA Ambulance Wardens arrived at Mount Durand to collect a cat that had sadly been found deceased.

The cat is male, adult, neutered, black in colour with a few white speckles, with no collar or microchip. His teeth make him look like an older aged cat possibly 8+ years at least.

If you have any information or think the cat may belong to you please call the GSPCA on 257261


Search for Stray Cat in St Andrews is still in the area (please share & call 257261 any sightings) - A 2 1/2 year old male tabby

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The GSPCA continue the search for a tabby and white cat who went missing on Friday the 30th March and has been seen multiple times in the fields and gardens around Bailiffis Cross and surrounding area.

He has white paws, goldy eyes and is a strippy tabby. He is very friendly. No collar. Short haired. He is microchipped and has been seen playing with other cats in the area.

The GSPCA have a number of reports and sightings in and around the St Andrews area and have traps and wildlife cameras out to help search and the capture of Tiago.


Please help us find the owner of a black male cat found after being hit by a car on Guelles Road last night

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Please help us find the owner of a black male cat found after being hit by a car on Guelles Road off La Vrangue last night

Last night just before 11pm (Tuesday 1st May 2018) GSPCA Ambulance Warden arrived at Guelles Road just off La Vrangue to collect a cat that had sadly been killed by a car.

The cat is male, adult, black in colour, with no collar or microchip. He was entire (meaning not neutered) and a few cuts on his ears.

If you have any information or think the cat may belong to you please call the GSPCA on 257261


Durand was found as a scabby stray cat and is now happy, well and loving his new home

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Last year the GSPCA helped a poorly, nervous stray cat that was covered in scabs.

As no owner could be found Durand as he was named was cared for and treated by the team at the GSPCA.

Durand was quite nervous when he first arrived but with a lot of TLC and vet treatment he improved daily.

Last month Durand finally found his forever home and we have recently had a message from new owners Lewis and Laura to hear how well he is doing.


Catrina the cat a year on from near death now enjoying a loving new home

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Do remember Catrina the cat who nearly died last year?

She was found having been hit by a car on a cold, dark, wet evening with multiple injuries, very thin and weak.

It took many months for Catrina to get back to health which included operations, medication and a lot of TLC.

Just before Christmas Catrina was given the okay to be rehomed by the vet and it didn’t take long to find her a wonderful new family.

We’ve just heard from Catrina’s new mum and wanted to share the great news.


GSPCA Animal Advent Calendar Day 9 - Could you buy a cat a window for Christmas to help Shelter them from the wet cold weather

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With the driving wind and rain recently we are asking for your help to gift the cats a little something to keep them dry when the weather is really bad.

We have been trailing perspex clear sheets on some of the cats pens with great success.  Each cat pen has an outside section and we have found that hanging the perspex panels on the mesh the cats still have a lovely view and plenty of fresh air while keeping the worst of the weather out.


After nearly a year of veterinary care Catrina who was hit by a car is in need of a home at the GSPCA

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Around Christmas time two of our wardens where called to a cat that had been hit by a car and collapsed but still alive

The little cat was rushed to Isabelle vets where once she had been examined it was found that she had totally de gloved her tail, had a serious fractured pelvis, some internal bleeding and was a very poorly cat indeed.

However this little girl who has been named Catrina was prepared to fight and had her tail amputated that night along with other veterinary care.


Jessie the cat loving her new home

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Recently a young cat called Katie went to her forever home.

Christina Sauvarin new owner sent a message about Katie and said "We adopted Katie yesterday who we have now called Jessie."

"She has settled in extremely quickly and both Marc and I were delighted that she came for lots of cuddles on day one."

"She is still discovering her new home but has found several cosy spots to chill out."

"We absolutely love Jessie and would like to thank you and the whole team."