Louis the cat loving his new home

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On the 6th October last year a very large tabby cat called Louis arrived at the GSPCA as his owner could no longer look after him.

Louis is a very handsome chap and was a 2 year old male cat that sadly suffered with a form of asthma and was on some medication each day when he first arrived.

When Louis first joined us at the GSPCA he was very timid and nervous but as he got to know the team at the GSPCA hr improved each day and grew more confident and friendly.


Fairy tale as longest stay cat 'Monkey' finds a loving new home

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The team at the GSPCA were over joyed recently when the longest stay cat who is actually diabetic found her forever home.

Staff and volunteers all loved 'Monkey' a female tortie cat that arrived at the Animal Shelter in May 2015 after her owner could no longer care for her.

Whilst at the GSPCA we discovered she was in fact diabetic and it took many months to get her treatment and diet to the right levels.

Monkey has a loving and wonderful kind nature although she is on a special diet and requires injecting twice a day.


Kit Kats major operation - could you help this very poorly cat

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On the 23rd March of this year a very poorly sweet stray cat was brought into the GSPCA after being found wandering into someones kitchen near Les Genats Estate.

As with all strays under the Guernsey Animal Welfare Ordinance 2012 we held the 7 year old tabby for 21 days but sadly due to no microchiip, tag or lost report we were unable to find the owner of what we found to be a very sick cat.

Kit Kat as he has been fondly named is one of the friendliest cats we have at the GSPCA but sadly has a number of health issues.


Biscuit the persian cat thinks her new home is purrfect

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Finding each animal a loving new home can often prove challenging as the hundreds in need that come through the doors may well have health issues, behaviour problems or even brought through no fault of their own.

From strays to road traffic accidents, lost cats to cats with welfare issues we help over a 1000 cats each year and help between 100 and 200 find a new home.

Some cats have health issues or behaviour problems and can be with us for many months with one cat taking over 2 years before a loving new home was found.


Jubilation's for Jubilee who is now named Bilee and in a loving new home

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Last May an injured long haired black and white cat was rescued and brought into the GSPCA on the Liberation weekend.

Found near Castel Hospital we named the cat Jubilee who had an awful bite wound and eye injury which was not easiy cured.  He needed many months of care and vet treatment and as no owner came forward after some months when the 3 year old cat was healthy enough he was put up for rehoming.

He was very difficult to handle at first and with his injuries meaning regular treatments it took sometime before he would trust the team.


GOOD NEWS - Longest stay cat 'Molly' settles into her new home

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Molly a black female cat that arrived at the GSPCA in October 2014 finally found her forever home last week.

For over a year at the GSPCA the team have been trying to find Molly a home but sadly many of the black cats are passed by especially those in their older years.

Molly arrived at the Shelter on the 4th October 2014 after her owner could no longer care for her. When she arrived she was found to have an eye ulcer that took many months to heal.


Appeal for Lucky a cat who could have cancer

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With over 1000 cats helped at the GSPCA every year we strive to do everything we can for the many strays, cruelly treated and unwanted cats.

At the end of August a 6 year old female cat found her way to the GSPCA when her owner could no longer care for her.

Although in fairly good health on the day she arrived during her assessment we discovered she had cat flu and also had sores on her feet.

After two months of treatments and veterinary care 'Lucky' as she is called improved and got better.


Winter Advice for Guernsey's Animals and Birds from the GSPCA

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With cold winter weather soon to be upon us the GSPCA want pet owners to consider all the animals of Guernsey.

During a cold snap the GSPCA are on full alert, ready to deal with a variety of animals affected by the low temperatures.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "With Winter on its way, at the GSPCA we want to ensure pets and other animals kept and live outside are safe and have all they need."


Cats have a 1 in 33 chance on Guernsey roads - could you help us with our online survey?

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Every year the GSPCA are called out to and help between 200 and 300 cats that are injured or killed on the road every year.

During the darker winter months the numbers are at their highest and in just one evening recently 4 cats were brought in to the Shelter between the hours of 10pm and 4am that were killed on our roads.

Over many years the worries for cats on busy roads has always been a real concern.  However the GSPCA as have many other rescues noticed that the smaller roads and lanes are often a greater risk and cause of cats being hit by moving vehicles.


5 year old black cat Sooty finds his forever home

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Last week we highlighted the challenges we and other rescues face trying to rehome black cats.

Yesterday 'Sooty' a 5 year old male black cat managed to find a wonderful forever home and staff waved him off with his wonderful new owner.

We have a waiting list for new owners looking for kittens, but often struggle finding the older cats a new home especially if they are black with over half the cats either black or black and white at the GSPCA.

Helen Holems GSPCA staff member said "It was lovely to see Sooty off to his forever home yesterday."