Popeye needs your help on World Cat Day - Please donate to Popeyes operation

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At the GSPCA in Guernsey we help rescue, rehome, reunite and rehabilitate more cats than any other species of domestic animals.

Today on World Cat Day we are appealing for donations for a very poorly cat.

Popeye is a one eyed feline that needs a great deal of treatment on his right eye before he can find that forever home.

Popeye is a young male cat that has come into the GSPCA with another cat called Greyson as sadly his owner passed away.


Rose the hedgehog is filmed taking her first steps after months of care - Hedgehog talk at the GSPCA Sunday 29th June

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Do remember Rose the hedgehog?

Rose is one of many hedgehogs that we have had in recently to be injured by gardening equipment.

After a long process of rehabilitation and care since arriving in April Rose is now back to health and fit enough to be released.

Sadly due to her injuries to her head many of her spines haven't grown back, so a lovely home with an enclosed garden was found and Rose left the Shelter last Friday.

When Rose went to her new home we equipped Mr & Mrs Herring with a wildlife camera to see how she got on in her new home.


Friday June 27th is Bring Your Dog to Work Day

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Next Friday June 27th is Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Having a dog in the room can make human colleagues more cooperative, reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and productivity.

When adopting a dog or any animal from the GSPCA we often ask how many hours potential owners may be at work.  Perhaps the question should actually be - are you able to take your dog to work?

Discussing the benefits of taking a dog to work might just result in a match with a dog we have in for homing.


Max the little terrier helped by our Tally is doing well

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Yesterday we told you of Tally a dog who lastweek helped save Max's life by giving blood.

Max a terry at the vets in Guernsey GSPCA

We've been told today Max is doing really well and even managed to have a nice walk to the vets for a check up that went well.

To see the full story please click here.


Tally the GSPCA dog helps save a life in Guernsey

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Last week the GSPCA were approached to ask the question if we had a life saving dog.

Sadly a dog had been rushed to Isabelle Vets with health problems which meant the dog required a blood transfusion.

The GSPCA has over 200 animals at the Shelter from dogs to birds, cats to a horse and we the GSPCA team took a dog Tally up to the vets to see if he would be suitable.

Tally is an energetic lively dog lwho has come in to the Animal Shelter to find a new home.  He is a 6 year old flat coated retriever and loves people.


Dog Tax for 2014 is due in Guernsey

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Owners of dogs in Guernsey are required to buy a licence from their parish authority for each dog they own. 

Dog Tax is payable annually at a rate of £10.00 per dog and is renewable each January by 31st of the month. 

Tax is due for all dogs over the age of 6 months - the only exceptions being dogs kept solely by a deaf or disabled person for their hearing or guidance (e.g. guide dogs for the blind or hearing dogs for the deaf). 


This November, Think Pet, Think Animal - FIREWORKS CAN TERRIFY

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Help us to continue to keep them safe!

Thankfully the incidents of animals being injured by fireworks & bonfires in Guernsey are few and far between; but we mustn’t get too complacent. Below are some basic guidelines that will enable you to help all of our furry and feathered friends to stay calm and safe on and around Bonfire night.


The GSPCA is taking part in the Oil Spill Preparedness Plans tested for wildlife this week

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 Oil spill training for wildlife organisations and those involved in helping to alleviate the effects on wildlife of a major oil pollution incident will take place  at  the   Guernsey Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) as part of the States of Guernsey preparedness measures on Wednesday 11th  September 2013.


Nelson survives near death experience

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In the very early hours of Tuesday morning a member of staff at the Harbour Authority spotted a bird struggling trapped in a pontoon that was close to drowning.

Thankfully he managed to stretch out to rescue the bird and rushed it straight to the GSPCA Animal Shelter.

The Shelter is manned 24 hours and on arrival Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager was there to accept the bird that was very close to death.

An intensive care unit was set up ready and Steve did what he could to try and get some of the fluid out of the bird.


Work off those Easter Eggs and join the Itex-Rotary Walk 2013 to help the GSPCA and other worthy causes

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Too many Easter Eggs? Why not make the 2013 Itex Rotary walk part of your get fit regime!

The walk has now become one of Guernsey's key fund raising events for local charities and attracts several hundred participants every year determined to complete the nearly forty mile route.

2013 is the sixteenth year that the walk has been held and each year significant sums of money have been raised. In 2012 the walk raised nearly £52,000 and with your help we will hit a similar level this year.