Free Microchipping at our Tuesday Coffee & Bric-a-brac Mornings

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The GSPCA have been running coffee mornings and bric-a-brac sales at the Animal Shelter for nearly a month and as a Christmas present to pets each Tuesday between 10.30am and 12pm we are offering free microchipping to dogs and cats.

No appointment needed all the GSPCA ask for is a donation and we will ensure your dog or cat is microchipped.

Microchipping is a permanent form of identification and enables the GSPCA to reunite hundreds of animals every year but unfortunately more than 50% of strays the GSPCA has in at the Shelter have no microchip and often no collar.


The 7 dumped Guinea Pigs found in St Martins will be multiplying soon

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After a check over today the GSPCA can confirm that at least one of the 3 female guinea pigs that were found in the same box as 4 males in St Martins earlier this week is pregnant.

We currently have a total of 14 adult guinea pigs at the GSPCA and will have many more in the next month or so.

The gestation period of guinea pigs is approximately 2 months and they often have 3 to 5 offspring which are called pups.  For the vet to identify that at least one is pregnant then she is likely to be at least 5 weeks and due very soon.


Dates for your diary - GSPCA events and fund raisers

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Below is a list of forth coming events and if you can help or would like more information please do get in touch -

Every Tuesday up to and including the 18th December 2012 between 10.30am and 12pm Coffee Morning and Bric-a-brac sale at the Animal Shelter -

7 guinea pigs dumped in St Martins today are now safe and dry at the GSPCA

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Today 7 guinea pigs were found abandoned outside St Martins Church.

All quite young the 7 guinea pigs were found in a very dirty blue box.

This is the second group of guinea pigs that have been found abandoned inn Guernsey in the last month.  Thankfully both groups were found and were brought into the Shelter but the GSPCA would urge anyone that needs to rehome their pets and not to dump them as it puts them at risk.


Sponsored Christmas Day Polar Bear Swim - Do you fancy joining in?

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The GSPCA would like to thank the Guernsey Swimming Club who organise the Christmas Day swim for allowing GSPCA supporters to take part in the Swim at the Havelet Bathing Pools.

There are a number of brave souls that will be giving up some of their Christmas morning to jump in the icy water and raise funds to help the work of the GSPCA.

The Polar Bear Swim takes place at the Havelet Bathing Pools on Christmas Day at 10am and the GSPCA would really appreciate your support as they take the plunge.


Seal Pup Rescue to save Jethou Bumblebee

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With any rough and bad weather the GSPCA receives many calls about sick and injured animals.GSPCA seal rescue from Jethou in Guernsey

Yesterday just after 3pm the GSPCA had a very unusual call from Jethou.  A seal pup had been spotted coming ashore alongside the jetty and didn't seem quite right.


Look who's checking out the Christmas Lottery Tickets on sale at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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This Tuesday staff saw a very unusual site.

Geoff George the GSPCA Animal Collection Officer whilst going about his duties watched as a cormorant flew down and landed on the Christmas Lottery Ticket poster at the Shelter.  Is this a sign of good luck?  We don't know but tickets are selling well and are available at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, so if you are passing please pop in.


GsyTweetup Afternoon Tea @ OGH in aid of GSPCA

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GsyTweetup are holding an event that will help raise funds for the GSPCA. 


Thinking of a Christmas present for yourself or a loved one? Gift Certificates & Guided Tours on sale at the GSPCA

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For only five pounds you can buy a gift certificate that will give one of the animals in our care a fantastic Christmas.

That’s right you will receive a certificate for yourself or someone you care for and that will enable us at the Shelter to give the animals in our care a very special Christmas Day.


Appeal to find the owner of an injured cat found in St Peter Port on the 12th November 2012

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On Saturday the 12th November the GSPCA had to rush a stray tabby and white female cat that was found on a roof in St Peter Port with what looked like signs of a road traffic injury to the vets.

Unfortunately she had no collar and no microchip but is extremely friendly and staff believe that there must be an owner for her somewhere.

Due to her injuries she is still at the vets and the GSPCA are urging anyone who may own this cat to come forward.