WEA and the GSPCA team up for the first time to run a course called 'An Introduction to Animal Care and Welfare'

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This September for the first time WEA is teaming-up with the GSPCA to provide a comprehensive course that not only provides essential information for pet care but tackles the wider issues of wild animal welfare in Guernsey.

The course subjects include:


First microchipped Hedgehogs in Guernsey - Please help monitor Hedgehogs in Guernsey

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Yesterday the GSPCA microchipped the first Hedgehogs in Guernsey.

Scatters then Bonnie were the first two Hedgehogs to be chipped at the Shelter and the first to be know to be chipped in the Channel Islands.

The GSPCA have been using paint and plastic tags to help with monitoring the hogs released from the Shelter but these as with many methods fall and run off.

The GSPCA deal with hundreds of Hedgehogs every year and with declining numbers in the UK the Animal Shelter want to know if a Hedgehog returns to the Shelter that we can accurately tell this is the case.


By staying silent you can help raise funds for the GSPCA - Thank you to Rebecca Johns

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The GSPCA would like to thank Rebecca Johns who popped into the Shelter yesterday with a fantastic donation of £157 which she has raised through a sponsored silence.

Rebecca downloaded a sponsor form from the GSPCA website and printed it off with help from her boyfriend and managed not to say a word during the event on the 9th June.

When Rebecca popped in yesterday GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne said a huge thanks and Rebecca also got to meet and hold for the first time a baby ferret which was found as a stray and is now called Finley.


Family Carboot Sale at Specsavers Car Park 2-4pm Sunday 21st July with Insurance Corporation

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On Sunday the 21st July between 2 and 4pm staff from the Insurance Corporation are running a Family Carboot Sale at Specsavers Car Park to raise funds for the GSPCA and the many animals at the Shelter.

The day will run with an animal theme and there will be plenty to do and see.

Sellers are asked to arrive from 1pm and it is £5 per car.

On the day there will be mini donuts, cakes, animal balloons, face painting and a fancy dress competition (that's humans dressed as animals).


La Société Guernesiaise - Tuesday July 9th, 7.30pm - Frossard Theatre - “Simply Bees” “It’s Not Easy Being Green."

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La Société Guernesiaise - Tuesday July 9th, 7.30pm in the Frossard Theatre,  Candie - “Simply Bees”  by Brigit Strawbridge of TV series “It’s Not Easy Being Green."

Brigit will be covering the difference between honeybees, solitary bees and bumblebees, their life-cycles and different roles as pollinators, the reasons for their decline and what we can do to help.

The talk is free to Société members and £5 to non-members.


Warning from the GSPCA – Animals and Glass

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The GSPCA is asking to please be mindful of broken glass after a number of cats have been reported to be injured.

Although it is not clear of the exact location of where the incidents occurred, the GSPCA are asking land owners to please ensure that broken glass is disposed safely to help wildlife and other animals.

Vets often see animals injured by glass and during the Spring and Summer months more animals are out and about and therefore at risk.

The two most recent cats reported both needed stitches but thankfully are now back to health.


Thank you to the students of Blanchelande College for helping at the Shelter last Friday

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Last Friday as part of their Service to the Community Day 22 students and 2 teachers from Blanchelande College spent the day at the GSPCA Animal Shelter.

From running a Coffee Morning to Cake Sale, Bric-a-brac Sale to walking dogs, cleaning out the seal room to washing out pools, and not to mention a very important job.......Blanchelande College students helping at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernsey


Thank you and well done to Clinton Millard who climbed Kilimanjaro

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You may remember back in March Clinton Millard appealed for sponsors towards his climb of Kilimanjaro earlier this year.

He was raising funds for both the GSPCA and MUG.  We are pleased to report that Clinton achieved his goal and raised a fantastic total of £950 which has been shared between the two charities.


We're wishing Clinton Good Luck with his Kilimanjaro Climb - One man VS 5,895 m

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Today Clinton Millard is setting off from Guernsey towards Africa for is very brave climb of Kilimanjaro to raise funds to help the GSPCA and MUG.

Clinton Millard says on his blog 'I'm 21 years old, I've wanted to get away on an adventure for a number of years now and I thought there was no better way to start than by climbing a mountain!'

'I will be trekking up Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2013, hoping to raise some money for charity while I'm about it!'