Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday Giant Animal Mascot 2013 Results

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We must thank everyone that helped, took part and supported the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday.

The day was a fantastic success with lots of family fun and enjoyment.

One of the main spectacles was the Animal Mascot Race which took place on Sunday at 1pm and this year the race included -

  • Spacehoppers
  • Sack Racing
  • Spinning Plates
  • Hula Hooping and then having to repeat on the way back

If you missed it here are the results for 2013 -

Celebrity and Charity Race

Heat 1

1st Daniel the Donkey from Island FM


Did you know today is World Penguin Awareness Day - do you remember these Guernsey penguins?

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Did you know today the 25th April is World Penguin Awareness Day?

Although we do not have any penguins living in Guernsey on September the 15th the GSPCA will be organising the second Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday where you will see giant penguins and many other animals racing along the sea front.

Although many details are not yet confirmed we are taking forms to reserve your pitch and interest in the Giant Animal Mascot Race.


GSPCA Welfare Road Show free microchipping event this Saturday 4th August 2012

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Need your dog or cat microchipped?

On average 2 in 3 dogs and cats that come into the Shelter as a stray aren’t chipped.

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted between the shoulder blades of a cat or dog and is a permanent form of identification.

This year both the GSPCA and Animal Aid Cats slashed their prices to £4.99 to help encourage pet owners to get their pets microchipped and it is still available at this price with both charities.