Thank you to all that supported the Reservoir Sponsored Dog Walk with Sidney's Events

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The GSPCA would like to thank everyone that turned out for the Reservoir Sponsored Dog Walk yesterday with Sidney's Events.

Nearly 30 dogs and walkers arrived at Rue des Anvilles car park to walk the 3 miles of pathes around the Reservoir.

Some in fancy dress and all with smiles, the group of walkers with tiny dogs like Jack Russels and Pugs to German Shepherds and Red Setters all had a lovely walk, with beautiful scenery, enjoying each others company whilst raising funds to help animals in Guernsey.


Help Us Find Animals New Homes - Late Night Viewing of Animals at the GSPCA 1st & 2nd October

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The GSPCA is currently inundated with animals in need of new homes.

If anyone is looking for a new pet then many of them can be seen on our website and we are open for viewing for those interested in adopting 11am to 4pm Monday to Saturday.


GSPCA Easter & Cupcake Week Pop Up Shop thanks to OSA Recruitment opens tomorrow

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This Easter and from tomorrow the GSPCA are pleased to announce that thanks to OSA Recruitment we will be in town with a Pop Up Easter & Cupcake Shop.

During Easter Week the shop will have everything you need for animals this Spring, Cupcakes to celebrate the second GSPCA Cupcake Week and lots for the kids.


A rabbit is not just for Easter

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Every year as the weather warms and Easter arrives some parents think of rabbits as an a pet for their child.

The GSPCA this March want to send the message that a rabbit isn't just for Easter!!!

Over the last 18 months the GSPCA has had more stray and unwanted rabbits than the previous 5 years.

Many rabbits are bought on impulse and are housed in small hutches at the end of the garden with no exercise and the child often forgets the poor pet that is left for the parents to care for.


Friendly stray rabbit found in St Martins last night

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Last night the GSPCA was called out to collect a stray rabbit.

Found in St Martins, the very friendly black with a little white, female adult lop eared rabbit was rescued after being found roaming the area.

Safe and sound at the GSPCA we are appealing for anyone that might have lost their hoppy little friend.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'She appears very friendly and very healthy so it is likely she has escaped out of someones garden as there will be many out in this lovely weather.'

'We get many stray rabbits in and care for over 100 every year.'


The GSPCA celebrate as over 30 animals find loving new homes during the birthday week

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Only half way through February and within two weeks we have rehomed an amazing 36 animals and birds.

Pony the Peahen, Blacky the old hen, Abigail Angel, Frosty Lidea, Merci, Mistletoe, Polly, Roxie and Sherry the cats, Lucky, Meg and Storm the dogs, Baby Jusse, George, Goodie, Hope, Nat, Peace, Puffin and Spirit the guinea pigs, Ash, Brian, Chaos, Grumbles, Henri, Lewis, Lucy, Mo, Pedro, Ryan, Tosti and Woddy the hedgehogs and not forgetting George and Ringo the rats have all gone to new homes.


Spring has arrived early at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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Despite the recent snow and inclement weather the GSPCA are already seeing signs of Spring.

From guinea pigs to pregnant cats there has already been birth's at the Shelter and yesterday we received our first chicks of 2013.

Buck and Trout two young pigeons which were rescued from a work site are now being hand fed by staff and volunteers at the GSPCA Animal ShBaby Jusse a baby guinea pig at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernseyelter.


Taking care of your pets with the cold weather coming

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With cold weather coming and potential sleet and snow on the way the GSPCA want pet owners to consider all the animals of Guernsey. During a cold snap the GSPCA are on full alert, ready to deal with a variety of animals affected by the low temperatures.

But you can also do your bit to prevent animals suffering over the cold period.

Do you have a pond?

If you have a pond, make sure you check it every day for ice, as toxic gases can build up in the water of a frozen pond. These can kill fish or frogs that are hibernating at the bottom.


Rabbit Awareness Week - 15th -22nd September

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In the last year the GSPCA has had more rabbits come in stray, unwanted and for rehoming than any of the staff can remember.

From Saturday the GSPCA will have a rabbit display at the front of the Shelter to educate about the needs of rabbits and the fact that a hutch is not enough.

Last month saw a dramatic change in the way rabbits are kept at the Animal Shelter and these large runs are currently both on display and for sale at the GSPCA for only £185.

The GSPCA currently has a selection of rabbits that need a home and these can be seen on our website please just -


Rabbits about to have a much better life thanks to a very kind lady and KPMG volunteers

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Watch this space for some very exciting news……..

After a very kind donation of £2000 the GSPCA Animal Shelter will soon havi it’s very own rabbit village.

Volunteers from KPMG have given two days of work time to come along to the GSPCA Shelter in St Andrews to help give some extra protection to 15 large rabbit hutches before they are built.

The £2000 has meant the Shelter could purchase a number of very large outdoor enclosures to give the many rabbits as well as a few other residents a much better quality of life whilst they are waiting for new homes.