Gert tells us about Plush Animal Lovers Day - A day to celebrate your cuddly toys

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Quack, quack, quack did you know it is Plush Animal Lover's Day today?  It's a  quacktastic day to enjoy your plush, stuffed animals.

Quack quack it’s quite a simple day when you enjoy and appreciate your plush animals. Give them a little love and special attention today. And, if they've lost a little of their "plush", that's okay. You still love 'em. 

If you don’t have any plush animals then the shelter have a lovely range of plush GSPCA animals on sale so quack by and have a look


Quacking About Fireworks And Please Think Of Me And My Friends - Gert on firework advice

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Quack, quack


Well it’s that time of year again and people will be sending those large scary, noisey things into the sky.  That’s right I’m quacking about fireworks!!! 


My friends at the GSPCA have issued some advice and I thought I better quack the good advice to help all those pets and animals out there in Guernsey.


They really scare me and my friends!!! We would prefer a nice quiet evening but if you have to then please go to an organised event.



Gert is loving the social media so is now also on facebook and twitter

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Quack, quack, quack,


How exciting I’m loving all of my new friends after joining you all on email ([email protected]). It was so much fun I looked into it and I am now also on facebook and twitter.


For those facebook fans then you can find me



Gert Judges Vauvert Primary Schools Pictures

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Winner of Gerts Picture Competition GSPCAWinner of Gerts Picture Competition GSPCA

Quack, quack,



Gert has email

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That's right Gert is the first duck in Guernsey with email.  Gert is a duck that lives at the shelter and tells her tales on our blog page.  She is an old Indian Running Duck (we believe) and she was nursed back to health by the shelter staff earlier this year. 



Gert asks 'What are you doing for World Animal Day this Tuesday?'

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Quack, quack,


What quacktastic weather we are all having.  So nice and sunny for this time of year. I hear the staff calling it an Indian Summer which is funny because I’m supposedly an Indian Running Duck!!!



Gert says 'Can you give this bear a home at Guernsey Mums 2nd Birthday Party tomorrow?'

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Gert Reports on Mocha

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Quack Day,

I hope you have had a quacktastic weekend.  I wanted to let you all know how my friend Mocha the cat is doing.  What a really quack wonderful cat, he is so friendly.

Well he has had a quacking good weekend and his stitches where his left ear use to be is healing nicely.  He is seeing the vet on Thursday for an update and will hopefully be looking for a home soon.

Concerned Gert

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Hi everybody,

Gert the duck asks how many friends are with me this evening?

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Hi Gert the duck here saying hello and hope you've been enjoying all of this wet weather.  My friends and I have really been enjoying it.  In fact there have been puddles that have been so deep we've been able to swim all over the animal shelter.  But don't worry everybody else that wants to be warm and dry the staff are looking after.

I hope you like the picture of me and my friends?  Have a look and see how many are with me and fill in your answers in the comments box below.