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The GSPCA is pleased to announce that our first Counter Boxes are now in place at Tangles Hair Design in St Sampsons.

Collected by Vikki Bougard from Tangles Hair Design who is supporting the GSPCA this year, they now have a collection of Small Labradors, GSPCA Pens, GSPCA Pin Badges and GSPCA Wrist Bands.

The GSPCA only launched this range last week to help celebrate GSPCA Purple Week and our 140th Birthday which is only a few weeks away.

We have a number of other places interested and if you, your school or business would like to get involved then we are asking you to get in touch.

There are two kinds of boxes one being £1 which has either GSPCA Purple Wristbands or GSPCA Pens and a £2 box with either GSPCA Pin Badges, GSPCA Key-rings or Little Labrador's in them.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are very grateful to Vikki from Tangles Hair Design.'

'We have been Caring for animals in Guernsey for 140 years next month and we are hoping that businesses, offices, schools and shops will get involved with the celebrations and to raise money to ensure that we can be here for another 140 years.'

'With nearly 300 animals from seals to kittens at the Shelter we really appreciate everyone that supports the GSPCA.'

'With rising costs and the need to build a new Cattery and Quarantine Building we hope that Guernsey will wear purple for animals and join in our birthday fun in February.'

Help raise funds for the GSPCA 140th year Help raise funds for the GSPCA 140th year

To apply for these or the other items please download a form on the link below or just get in touch with Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager by calling 01481 257261 or email [email protected]

Help raise funds for the GSPCA 140th year

There are lots of other ways you can get involved and raise funds for the GSPCA and to find out about the GSPCA Purple Week, Celebrating Caring for Animals in Guernsey for 140 years please click here

GSPCA Wishing Well


If you are holding an event for GSPCA Purple Week please email [email protected] or call 01481 257261 and let us know what you are doing.


If you would like to donate to the GSPCA and help us care for animals in Guernsey you can do so by calling into the Shelter, over the phone on 01481 257261 or by clicking the Paypal button below.

Thank you for your support.

If you see a seal pup click here to find out what to do.

To see the story of Jethou Bumblebee the grey seal pup please check out this short video from start to finish on how staff rescued him with a lot of help.

To see the story of Hanois and his rescue please go to

To nominate and find out more about the Ceva Awards for Animal Welfare please go to -

Ceva Awards for Animal Welfare 2013

Also there are the Petplan & ADCH Animal Charity Awards 2013 - Find out how to nominate here by going to

Petplan & ADCH Animal Welfare Awards 2013

Events planned in 2013 are -

Every Tuesday during term time between 10.30am and 12pm at the GSPCA we have a coffee morning with bric-a-brac and pet supplies on sale.  Please click here for more details

To find out about the GSPCA Purple Week - Celebrating 140 years Caring for Animals in Guernsey 11th - 17th February and how you can join in.

GSPCA week

The GSPCA are pleased to announce our GSPCA Sunday Family Fun Lunch on the 3rd March - click here for more details

25th - 31st March GSPCA Cupcake Week - more details to follow.

4th April - World Stray Day - more details to follow

Saturday 6th June 2013 Itex Walk Guernsey - We are pleased that for 2013 we are one of the nominated charities benefiting from this years walk. To register and find out more click here for more details.

June 2013 - Summer Fayre and Dog Show - more details to follow

September 2013 - Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday - more details to follow

4th October - World Animal Day - more details to follow

There are always animals at the GSPCA looking for good homes from farm birds to rabbits and to see many of them please click here. Felix in the video is our longest stay cat and really needs your help to find a new home.

There are many items on the GSPCA's Wish List and you can see many of them by clicking here including a list of Amazon items which would make a difference to animals in Guernsey.

To download our latest newsletter or become a member of the GSPCA please

To become a GSPCA member


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